12 Movies Where the Critics Were Totally and Completely Wrong


Despite being hailed as experts of the movie industry, critics can sometimes get it terribly wrong.

If an established film critic begins lavishing praise on a particular film, many others will fall in line behind him for fear of looking as though they missed the point of the film in question.

Others may be loyal to a particular studio or director.

Film critics can make or break a new film with just a few lines of text, as moviegoers are less likely to spend their hard earned money on tickets for a film that has been universally panned. The following 12 movies are examples of what a good review can do for a mediocre movie.

1. Unforgiven (1992)

Hailed as a part of the renaissance of the American Western, “Unforgiven” is the story of a retired gunslinger that gets back in the saddle. 20 years later, it’s still overshadowed by the greats of the genre. Clint Eastwood wrote, directed and starred in this film that revives the tired plot of an aging gunfighter brought out of retirement for one last job.

Although the movie is more than two hours long, it was actually filmed in a short amount of time. Renowned production designer Henry Bumstead broke a personal record by getting the entire movie set built and ready in just 32 days.

The entire film was shot within 39 days. “Unforgiven” was critically acclaimed by the vast majority of movie reviewers except for a few who claimed it was far too long and filled with pointless characters.

As the film doesn’t contain much in the way of a plot, it desperately needs some first class acting to really grab the audience’s attention and make us care about the main character’s plight.

Unfortunately, the entire film seems to be thrown together at the last moment, and even the combined talents of Clint Eastwood and Morgan Freeman failed to save this poorly conceived production.

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  • awnuce360

    I agree with a lot of the films on this list personally… That said, I do REALLY like some of the films on this list, so I tend to think that the ones I don’t get are good as well, but I just don’t understand them. I wouldn’t go so far as to say the critics were wrong… there are probably aspects of these films that we just don’t get as well.

  • Kllr

    Totally off with the exception of Titanic and Metropolis. Saving Private Ryan and Schindler’s List aren’t great? Get a life….. and some taste.

  • Clay Jones

    Yep, dead wrong. Who appointed you film critic? Shouldn’t you know something about film? Sheesh.

  • Brendan Allen

    This list is absolutely horrid.

  • Mark P

    It is like some troll hacked into this website and found a way to post an article.

  • xXGrizZ

    Do these websites get paid for number of comments as well as clicks? It seems like some of these list are made simply to enrage users to elicit comments.

  • MartelsGhost

    This has to be the stupidest article ( if you can call a slideshow an article ) ever written or put together.

    Which films should replace these cinema greats in the authors opinion? Kill Bill? Spring-Breakers?

    Every film in this list was and is a great film ( with execption for Boogie Nights and Titanic of course) that broke ground in several important ways.

  • Guest

    The only horrible films in the list were still notable for their commercial success.

  • Zed68

    Pathetic… and adding The thin red line in the list was the summum of idiocy

  • Jason Rubalcaba

    Troll Please

  • fen67


  • Earych

    Anyone else feeling physically ill? But I guess even Twilight fans have the right to post their opinions.

  • Joseph Weindl

    This could could be the most asinine list I’ve ever seen. Most of these films are truly great.

  • Border

    Is this supposed to be serious?

  • johnjohnphenom

    I call shenanigans! You sir, are nothing but a troll. Though I agree with titanic and star wars you’ve obviously made this list in your own opinion to offend as many people as you can. Shame on you shame on you and your family and your family’s family’s family. A thousand ill mastabatory thoughts in your future. good day

  • Edward La Guardia

    Wow you got it so, so wrong. Saving Private Ryan was just okay, but just about every other one of these movies is great.

  • Nathan Ion

    Wow, never coming to this site again. I just wasted 5 mins of my life reading a trolls list…Your sir, are a wanker.

  • Alex W

    There’s not even any real explanations for the picks. It’s like the person looked through a list of critically acclaimed films and just said “This sucks!” or “That’s boring!” Ridiculous article.

  • MichaelRWorthingon

    This is a very goofy article and I just made it to #5 before I bailed on it..waste of time.

  • mplo

    I really liked “Schindler’s List’ a great deal. Imho, it was very well-done, and a necessary movie based on one of the most, if not the most horrific chapters in world history. It’s intense and disturbing, but there are lots of people out there who need to be disturbed and to be shaken.

    • fifiwereking

      agreed… i love complaints like “this didn’t focus enough on the victims of the holocaust…” helloooo… this film isn’t ABOUT the victims of the holocaust (there are hundreds which are); it’s about oskar schindler, as unlikely a person as any who stood up against the nazi machine… that’s why it’s called “schindler’s list” and not “the horrors of nazi death camps)…

  • Katrina

    Wow… we must have seen totally different versions because Amadeus was/is a brilliant film.

    • Andybee

      Totally. Amadeus is an amazing film. I am sure this writer is just trying to be controversial for the sake of having something to write!

    • Spiderpigmom

      Agreed. I don’t know how one can try to qualify this movie and come up with “forgettable”; t’s the kind of movie that stays with you for a long long time.

    • Kim in California

      I thought F. Murray Abrams’s work in this movie was nothing short of brilliant. Mozart’s character was a buffoon and overacted, but Abrams made the film interesting. I couldn’t take my eyes off of him. (and he’s not good looking)

      • Bryan Bailey

        I assumed Mozart was over the top because the story was being told from the viewpoint of Salieri, who detested Mozart as a man and coveted his compositions.

        • http://ericrshelton.com/ Eric R. Shelton

          You nailed it. The whole thing is being told from the point of view of an unreliable narrator- and it tells you this at the very beginning of the movie. :)

      • Judith

        A very young Cynthia Nixon made a big impact in her small role as the nervous servant girl who had to shuttle covert messages about Mozart to Salieri.

    • Al

      The theatrical release was pretty perfect. The director’s cut contained many pointless additions that messed up the pacing.

    • Al

      The theatrical release is brilliant. The director’s cut adds scenes that do nothing but ruin the pace of the movie.

    • carlos danger

      I agree with the writer’s assessment on most of the movies listed but not Amadeus. Sure it was long and they could have cut the Don Giovanni scenes but it was a rich, multi-layered movie and a lot of fun to watch. Schindler’s List was also brilliant.

    • http://ericrshelton.com/ Eric R. Shelton

      Agreed. Once you realize Salieri is an unreliable narrator, Mozart probably wasn’t that obnoxious but it’s the way Salieri is recounting the tale, etc. It’s a brilliant, brilliant movie. The author is either trolling, too low-brow to get it, or too young to appreciate older movies (judging by some of the other movies on this list).

    • Brian Chalmers

      Amadeus is a great movie, I love how Salieri alone realises the true genius of Mozart’s music but nonetheless has to to destroy its creator. Great scene where Mozart reconstructs Salieri’s tune, I could watch that over and over again. For the critic who included Amadeus in this article – “You are passionate, but you do not persuade”… :-)

  • Bill C.

    The Thin Red Line … This longwinded bore doesn’t have a single character you could care about. I don’y have Alzheimers, but I can hardly conjure up a single image from it .. wait .. someone, (insert actor cameo here), running from machine-gun fire.

  • Dateless Nerd

    The brilliance of Unforgiven is not that it revived the Western genre. It’s that Unforgiven destroyed the simplistic Western genre. There were no white hats and black hats. We understand the justifications for all the characters’ actions, rather than simply judging them as good or evil. And two characters who resist violence — Davey Boy and Ned — die violently as collateral damage of others’ actions. How can you make a Western B-movie after that?

    • pdrisc

      You are ABSOLUTELY correct on this. I was in the movie theater with people who thought they were watching The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. When Eastwood’s character erupts in violence, it’s like a Stage IV relapse of cancer and his worst nightmare, not the Man with No Name giving the bad guys what they deserve.

      • palefire

        Wait, he was a good guy in that? I disagree with your premise. There were plenty of westerns that didn’t have any “heroes” way before The Unforgiven. He’ll, Clint even directed one.

    • Edward J. Cunningham

      It revived Clint Eastwood’s career, but it did NOT revive the Western genre. There are actually FEWER Western films made today than when “Dances With Wolves” and “Unforgiven” won Best Picture Oscars. That’s the irony of the Academy Awards—they were unwilling to give Best Picture awards to Westerns when it was a popular, vibrant genre and only condescended to do so when it became a niche.

      Although I believe “Unforgiven” was overrated, it’s still a damn good movie as are most of the films on this list. If he thinks these films are bad, I hate to see what this guy considers to be “good”!

    • David Brands

      I’ve never forgiven the Academy for Unforgiven. Crappy plot and just a vehicle for several has-been actors. Of all the movies Eastwood has made–and he made some good ones–this was the least worthy of any attention. I lost so much respect for the Oscars that I’ve maybe watched three hours of the awards show in over 20 years.

    • Jim

      I agree! It takes away the mystique of the western. The writer (character in the movie) represents the person (persons) who created that mystique. The other characters demonstrate that the violence of that period was for the most part senseless – as violence so often is.

  • deathbyskullf***

    Oh… and if youre gonna dis Amadeus, could you parallel it with a different film than Shakespeare in Love? I get that its because you consider Shakespeare in Love undeserving of an Oscar(atleast I THINK thats the point you were making… hard to tell since you give no actual basis for your opinions). But although I believe In Love is an overrated pic(that has more to do with it not being my cup of tea than it being a mediocre film tho). Youre comparing a fmbiopic about a musical prodigy who is slowly being murdered to a Renaissance Rom Com?

  • disqus_BHVJGuoqpc


  • rosco

    Im sorry but you are just plain wrong about The Thin Red Line. Watch it properly!
    A rare occurrence whereby the sum exceeds the component parts. I’m still not sure if Malick got lucky but the result is a work of exceptional genius.

    • Chuckl8

      Rosco: You hit the nail on the head. The Thin Red Line was an excellent film, a perfect collection of very human reactions to the insanity that war brings.

    • rampantlion

      Right on, Rosco. The first time I saw the movie I only thought it was okay, however, each time I watch it now it seems to get better and better. Some movies just need to be seen multiple times to be fully appreciated.

  • lowsingle

    didnt even make it past the notion that saving private ryan was just a good movie. the rest is probably terrible

  • Joanne

    I still remember some critics at the time saying that “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” was the “best movie ever made”. I went to see it full of hope driven by blind innocence. I vividly recall watching and waiting for the miracle to begin. When the credits began to roll at the end, my jaw literally dropped, I stood, full of anger, and stormed out of the theater saying WTF!! I had only myself to blame. I am now a changed (and matured) person with a realistic and more cautious view of reviews. The film will always be appreciated by those with a partiality to that genre, but it was a series of lovely images; the cinematographer’s wet dream, and nothing more.

  • Joe Cogan

    You’re so far off the mark with some of these that it’s almost laughable. And there’s a valid reason “Amadeus” has the title it does. Look up what it means, and then recall what Salieri says as he recount’s Mozart’s death.

  • JCNana

    I saw most of these films and enjoyed them. Wonder what movies the writer of this piece DID like?? As for American actors in non-American roles – they are ACTORS!. Also it is a MOVIE and has to have some interest for people to want to watch. Good Grief – what a bunch of criticism.

  • DontSweat

    This list lost all credibility with me by the 5th movie. It has done one thing, inspired me to never look at a review before a movie. I’ve missed some decent movies because I listened to critics.

  • Stephen

    Saving Private Ryan, propaganda??

  • MacAlu57

    I gotta believe this list is an April Fool’s joke.

    • Standman

      That’s exactly what I was thinking

  • shockme

    I think you didn’t watch Saving Private Ryan closely if you feel it was propaganda.

    • Rolo

      I thought that Saving Private Ryan was a propaganda film. Great opening, but pure propaganda after that.

      • Br pa

        Propaganda??? In what way did that movie serve to help a political leader or government? It made me never want to join the military….. so get out of here you hipster.

      • rogerd

        I don’t see it as propaganda, but it does model itself after war films of the period it’s about – those are a lot more easily called propagandistic.

        • G. Michael

          Who in the hell is getting away with showcasing their obvious hatred of the U.S. on this Saving Private Ryan critique. For the record pal, we were the ones who were the good guys in that war. Sorry if that upsets you. You obviously weren’t here to give your opinion on whether how well the movie was or not. Your words are dripping with obvious contempt for the U.S. here. Well, advise for you pal — since this is such a horrible country, and , from what I’m taking from you stupid article here that Germans were the good guys and I guess we were NOT! Then goodbye. Go where have far better freedom and liberty.

          • Tom Hinton

            Here here! Don’t let the non-patriotic hipster’s ruin your day. They’d last about an hour at basic training.

          • all_dems_suck

            not even, they couldn’t do a single pushup with those limp wrists

      • rovers14

        Okay please explain how that movie was propaganda. Who exactly was gaining the benefit from others viewing it? All I saw was a movie showcasing the horrors of war, specifically WW2. They even tried to humanize both American and German troops in some scenes.

    • Br pa

      Best war movie of all time!

      • palefire

        It wasn’t even best war film of the year. It has many great scenes, but the main storyline never really hits. And how about the wrist bookends ever filmed!

        • Eric Lucero

          Your last sentence doesn’t even make sense. Saving Private Ryan wasn’t just the best war movie of the year, it’s one of the best films (of any genre) of all time.

    • chiff

      Not to mention it’s actually loosely based on a true story which most people don’t even realise.

      • carlos danger

        Very loosely based. It’s based on the Sullivan brothers who were allowed to serve together on a warship in WWII that was sunk. After that siblings were separated.

    • http://www.blrag.com/ skinnydipinacid

      The only example given for his claim of “historical inaccuracies” was that America is seen as the good guys… bitter much? , How about you focus on that before going into your anti-war rant.

      If I were to compile a list of top ten whiniest articles written by a self-obsessed movie critic… this one would finish near the top.

    • fifiwereking

      spr is the only one on the list i agree with…

    • carlos danger

      The first half hour was ground breaking but the rest of the movie was a standard war flick – not that memorable

  • Bridges Hague

    Unforgiven was great

  • Pacal-Moon

    The best Movie GAFF I’ve seen was in The Naked Ape about a European in Africa in the early 1800′s being chased for days by Tribal Hunters. One scene shows a Safari Painted Range Rover making a left turn in the distance behind the White man.

  • http://www.SelFREEliance.com SelFREEliant

    As a teenager I noticed that almost every movie I liked was berated by the critics and every one they recommended was a total flop in my book. Same here…

  • Ray Buckridge

    Does the guy who wrote this article even know that Titanic has sold more movie tickets than any movie since 1982 when you account for inflation. It’s number two in gross earnings worldwide. Check Box office Mojo if you don’t believe me.

  • bopeep

    This is the second list I’ve read on this site that is laughably wrong. Another list said Clive Owen and Samuel L. Jackson can’t act. Most of these films were popular with both critics and audiences. There is no consensus that most of these were bad films. It seems writers on here just like to skewer highly thought-of films and actors just to generate controversy. A childish trick. If you’re a good writer, you don’t need to do that.

  • Jeffrey Beeman

    Unforgiven. One of the worse movies ever made!

  • gregge

    Vintage film buffs were made very happy when a complete copy of the original cut of Metropolis was found in Argentina. Damaged parts were replaced with better copies from other surviving prints and only one very short bit that’s not in any other surviving print had to be left out of the restored version.

    Another film that was long thought lost forever is “Algol” but a complete print was found a few years ago and screened by MoMA on Monday, November 29, 2010, 7:30 p.m. as part of their film
    exhibition Weimar Cinema, 1919–1933: Daydreams and Nightmares.

  • alanjason .

    Does anyone else see the irony with a critic telling a bunch of other critics they were wrong about a movie? Isn’t the author of this article basically being a critic? So why should we take his word for it over other critics? Just saying. Besides, he left off a movie from this list. Forrest Gump.

    • carlos danger

      Touche about Forrest Gump. The title character was smarter than the movie.

  • Brewer

    This “list” shows everything that is wrong with most of the “expert” movie critics. Incapable of an ounce of creativity or original thought, they simply thrive on their own negative conclusions. Writing an interesting positive review seems to be too difficult.

  • http://www.leaveittobeaver.org/ Wally Walters

    The review of Saving Private Ryan is so off-base as to be ridiculous. A great film, probably the most realistic war film ever made, with great acting by Hanks as noted. When they do save Ryan, it’s just a build-up for another great battle scene and the death of the star – something you don’t see too often. It didn’t have a lot of gratuitous violence – deaths were meaningful and bloody, but gore was a minimum. As far as Americans always being the good guys, how about how they gunned down some surrendering Germans on D-Day plus showing cowardice and some bloodthirstiness? Propaganda? Hardly. Interestingly, no names are attributed to these “reviews”.

    • Joe Halstead

      I agree with this post completely, and forgot about the displays of cowardice- notably the tech-corporal who froze on the steps leading up to a 2nd-story room while his buddy was getting killed.

      Later, that same tech corporal, who could have taken prisoners, shot that “bad penny” German and let all the rest of them escape. There are arguably MANY things wrong with that course of action, but it’s war, which is a wholly imperfect environment, and that was displayed by the film beautifully.

    • Br pa

      Thank you! I agree 100%. Propaganda my butt! Saving Private Ryan, a truly great film, made war so real and hopeless. It was unlike anything i had ever seen before. It was the kind of movie that keeps you up at night just thinking. A lot like Requiem For a Dream did on a different level.

  • Joshua Schell

    Blasting some very good flicks here. There are plenty of other big time movies that could have been shanked.

  • Dan the Movie Fan

    This just smacks of a troll piece. How do you get people riled up? Post a list of “bad movies” where 8/12 are among the AFI’s top 100 movies ever made.

  • kfs4piano

    Your last sentence in the Saving Private Ryan review makes you sound like a writer for an overseas Obama speech. My son is a soldier and they are brave and dedicated to what they do. Our WW1 and WW2 soldiers protected us and allowed us the lives we now enjoy. Whoever wrote this review is the one with the propaganda and an agenda. If “hero’s” like you were the ones we had to count on when the chips were down, we would all be bowing down to the some Hitler like world leader.

  • Hell On Wheels

    Couldn’t get through more than four of these reviews. Must remember these are only opinions.

  • drmndrew82

    Critics hate most blockbuster movies. Some of these were blockbusters that critics actually liked. I think the author of this article has something against Spielberg. Really, Schindlers List was awful? I have seen a lot worse. Also, it has one of the best pieces of movie music ever written I disagree with having to cast actors from the location the movie is based. Sometimes American actors butcher accents, but watch movies from around the world. They portray us as well and I don’t have a problem with that. I think that the author has some good points, but I disagree with a lot of what was said.

  • creamola

    Troll piece is… troll.

  • monstermoviefan

    OK, I stop reading this at Saving Private Ryan. Writer seems to only have superficial knowledge of history and film.

  • Bruce Dull

    If you look at movies as art, than beauty is in the eye of the beholder and not the eye of the critics. Yes critics get it wrong alot and so does this artical writer in his own interpretation of Art. If it’s about entertainment, then you have to look at the amount the movie made in the theater, in reruns, in video sales as well as all the lunch boxes and t-shirts. On the second test, the writer missed everything.

  • Joe

    Could possibly have been the most inaccurate article ever, with 12/12 wrong opinions, except I totally agree with the Thin Red Line assessment. I’m a total movie buff, and at age 43, The Thin Red Line stands as the only movie I’ve ever walked out of. Horrible piece of garbage.

    • boilingboy

      Agreed. The Thin Red Line was pretentious art trash. I walked out too.

  • Steve

    Did this person just pick the biggest movies and say they all were overrated?

  • Tomk777

    I went to see Star Wars without reading ONE review, and I got in line to watch it again the minute I was out of the theatre. That was saying something, since the line was 4 hours long. So how did these critics influence me? This critic is full of baloney

  • Ryan Reddell

    Wow, I do not remember the praise Unforgiven received, but I always thought it was a good movie, maybe a little slow. But with the cast, it provides a front row seat to a era of american history.

  • squid

    Ugh, this guy just sounds p!ssed that people like movies he didn’t like. Get over yourself! You’re not more critically adept than everyone else.

  • Kommander Rahnn

    A movie doesn’t necessarily have to have a huge budget, top shelf cinematography, and incredibly talented actors to be a great movie. Call me nuts but I think “First Blood” is one of the best action flicks I’ve ever seen.

  • Dave S

    Sadly, as much as i hate to admit it, Starwars belongs here. But so does Avatar. I mean you can hardly say Private Ryan was propanganda and leave out Avatar.

  • Joe Halstead

    What are you TALKING about? The film treats the history of the invasion of Normandy VERY accurately. Have you actually visited those beaches in France? I have. The terrain was just right, the stiff defensive resistance of the Germans was just right…the implied failure of the Navy and Air Force to either hit any targets along the coast or get its paratroopers dropped in the right places was absolutely correct…. and the film doesn’t portray the American soldiers as purely innocent or morally perfect. Did you miss the Americans shooting surrendering German soldiers, or the insistence of most of the search team that they execute the lone-surviving German of the machine gun nest?

    As far as the film being too long, I disagree again (although this part is subjective). Only if you have the attention span of a gnat would you think that the film ran too long. Every scene was integral to telling the story and also important in helping us get to know the characters, their fears, their regrets (such as the scene of the soldier recounting how he used to pretend to be sleeping so he didn’t have to talk to his mom).

    At the very end, when maybe some viewers were getting fatigued, that should have been solved by the tension created by watching the team take their positions as the metallic screeches of the Panzers reverberated through the obliterated town. I found that scene to be blood-curdling.

    Going back to the historical accuracy for a moment, did you notice that almost every member of the team got killed? That accurately reflected the chances each member had of surviving. Compare that to the war movies of the 1960s, where one or two good guys perished (and even then only because they showed poor judgment or were too weak).

  • Josh Pickman

    Star Wars is not science fiction.

  • leilaleis

    Amadeus? Mozart is unlikeable???? Did you watch the same film I did? It’s superb. The only quibble I have is Salieri’s character. Salieri was not a villain.

  • disqus_I6ra5nI7dI

    Don’t forget the shiny round nail on 250 year old wood elevator in National Treasure. The scene where Nick is grabbing the board it rips off, the modern nail is exposed.

  • Ryder

    Wait, so you find ONE FLAW in the sixth sense…. and the flaw isn’t even IN the movie, and you declare the great masses and the critics WRONG because of this? Wow, dude.

    • carlos danger

      I agree about Sixth Sense. The most insulting, stupid movie ever made

  • drew

    Ya this guy is laughing all the way to the bank. This is a joke for sure.

  • Edward J. Cunningham

    Now we’re finally getting somewhere! I’m not saying “All The President’s Men” is bad, but there are critics whining about “Rocky” winning Best Picture for 1976 and citing “All The President’s Men” as one of many that year which should have won in it’s place. ATPM is not as good a film as “Rocky.” The only movie in 1976 which I think is better than “Rocky” is “Taxi Driver” and the difference between the two is not as great as the critics would believe.

  • tom

    one article where the author was completely wrong

  • Chris Gordon

    There are arguments that this list is correct, but plenty of people greatly enjoyed many of these films. Unforgiven was a revisionist Western, it was gently paced as are all of Clint Eastwood’s directorial efforts, I like that about them. Titanic made a boring subject of some random ship sinking into a watchable film. I didn’t think it was overly good but the death scene at the end kind of saved it. Saving Ryan’s Privates was another pretty slow moving snore fest other than the start which was so over the top it was almost comical. I enjoyed it enough as a war film but as I said, there are arguments that this list is correct. The thing is I don’t really care what critics think as they all have financial or political motivations for what they like. They all have an agenda is basically my point, so beware the agenda of the messenger. Critics are therefore usually way off base on what they say and are obviously paid to say the right things for the studios. In fact for me a movie being hyped is a sure sign I probably won’t like it. I never saw Avatar till it was on TV, yet I was asked to go see it at the cinema when it came out, I said no. Good call. I mean how much did big tobacco have to pay for Sigourney Weavers character to be a smoker some umpteen years into the future. It was just ridiculous that anyone smoked let alone that she had a pack of Marlboros what weren’t labelled with pictures of cancerous lungs and the like.

  • Ding

    The author to this has to be trolling us, there is no way he/she is serious? Unforgiven, Star Wars, Titanic, Saving Private Ryan, (Schindlers List, Amadeus, haven’t seen), particularly stand out to me.The old films I don’t have an opinion on, but I would probably agree that they suck, since it’s almost trendy to give the old “classics” these unrealistic handicaps.
    The only movie I definitely agree with is the 6th sense, but did the critics hail it? That is an overrated piece of crap with the public for sure. I would agree that Saving Private Ryan is a propaganda piece, but an excellent movie nonetheless. Titanic is a film everyone’s embarrassed to admit they like, but it’s an excellent film even though I want to hate it. Star Wars…come on! It was 1977, how many movies from the 70′s hold the test of time? Not many.
    I’ve never seen The Thin Red Line, but this wasn’t hailed by critics, it was rated decent, but it was in the shadows of Saving Private Ryan. This is the type of film that seems to fall more on the underrated.side of things.
    Here is my partial list of movies the critics got wrong
    Shakespeare in love, L.A. Confidential (Kim Basinger who is a gorgeous lady, but one of the worst actresses of all time actually won a best F__ing supporting actress for her role, how embarrassing), The English Patient, Do the Right Thing, definitely add Gravity to the list, Casablanca (I could be wrong on this, but the tremendous amounts of handicap leeway given to old films is bobkus).

  • Jerod Hatch

    Beyond that I would LOVE to see a list of this critics picks for best films ever made.

  • Jerod Hatch

    I can’t disagree more. Everything from the plot to the cinematography to the set was superb. The names are meaningful symbolically (Will Munny means divine protection/monk, for instance) and there are may allusions to the biblical book of Revelation. Imho, Eastwood is one of the greatest director/actors ever. And the acting was phenomenal, especially Gene Hackman. Yet, I will watch Gran Torino before Unforgiven anyway.

  • Phillip Allen

    I realize some people write articles with the intent of sparking debate, not necessarily because they actually believe what they’re writing …. I hope that’s what this author is trying to do, because aside from The Thin Red Line, the observations were completely off-base, and without exception everyone of these movies are fantastic, and more importantly widely loved and respected by the most important critics, the movie goers themselves …..

  • buckeyesRus

    Clearly an anti-war, anti-American soldier, anti-American, progressive liberal critic who has never had to take a real stand for or against anything except for what is morally good and wholesome!

    • Sean A

      I’m an anti-war, progressive liberal and I think this horrible. At least half of these movie are among my 10 favorite movies.

  • Will-I-Am

    That review is totally off base. That was a GREAT movie – I walked out of the theater a changed man that day – I know WWII veterans who said that the opening scene was CLOSE to what happened…but NOT REAL ENOUGH!!! Amazing, amazing, stuff… I rate Saving Private Ryan as 4-stars. It was about regular guys – schoolteachers, etc – who wound up thrown together in Hell, and striving to be decent and survive.

  • wmapettengill

    Hmmm.. as I get further into this list, “Gone With The Wind” is on overrated film? The reviewer is a 20-something non-film-student without a sense of history, why older films (or films about older subjects) are relevant to their target audience, or audience at the time. Gone With The Wind was made…how many years before he/she was born? The world was a different place! What’s next? “Citizen Kane is a morbid, overblown pickup-truck-dragging assassination of a scumbag politician that just sucks for its camera work?”

    • fifiwereking

      agreed… art doesn’t occur in a vacuum, it’s shaped by the time in which it’s created… it’s particularly shallow to comment on styles of acting… 1939 was a banner year for film, but watch something made just two years earlier, and it’s obvious that film was in its infancy… acting began with huge masks and gestures for ancient amphitheatres, toned it down for playhouses, stayed pretty much on that level for silent films, and eventually devolved into the “method” of the ’50s and ’60s, before settling into the (mostly) mediocre stuff we see today…

  • Jane Dunn McBride

    I can’t believe they trashed The Sixth Sense and called it “slow,” among other things. That is totally off base.

  • Joe Blaylock

    “Clint Eastwood and Morgan Freeman failed to save this poorly conceived production”? Unforgiven won Best Picture in 1992. It apparently didn’t need much saving!

  • DeepThought

    After reading all these movies, the author could easily double as one of Ray Bradbury’s autumn people. Truly miserable people who simply do not get any joy out of life.. Autumn people derive pleasure from destroying other people’s happiness.

  • GeneralDrake

    Actually, writing an article about movie blunders and not even showing half of them—that is a BIGGER BLUNDER! Not to mention most of them were so minor and barely visible they could hardly be called “huge” mistakes.

  • Chris

    Saving Private Ryan, Unforgiven, Star Wars, and Gone With the Wind. Not what I would call a group of films that are overrated. As I was reading the article I kind of sensed the author’s idea of a film with merit is something in the 15 minute range with lots of over the top CGI.

  • dragontech64

    Titanic was a titanic bore. DeCaprio and Winslets parts could have been left out of the movie all together and it would have been a much better film.

  • Odkin

    “Saving Private Ryan” is a thinly veiled propaganda movie designed to show the world just how noble and brave the US soldiers are in battle.”. I agree that it is not the greatest movie ever.

  • Will Reitz

    I totally agree than The Thin Red Line is perhaps the most overrated film ever made, but Schindler’s List is perhaps the greatest film ever made. It is on my shortlist. … You also misunderstand Star Wars & Unforgiven. Stars Wars was trying to recapture a genre. It was trying to be a classic good v evil story in the midst of the cynical 70s. It is a practical exposition of Joseph campbell’s The Hero with 1000 Faces. … Unforgiven does the opposite. It takes the simplistic Western and shows how shallow and lonely and desolate that it really is. … I basically disagree with > 1/2 of this list.

  • JeffV

    Dumbest list ever

  • zabber

    i can’t remember an article I disagreed with more….the only movies I don’t know about are the ones I haven’t seen….Metropolis and All the Prez Men
    Other than that the only ones that I feel are questionable are Thin Red Line (takes a couple of views to really see how it wants to be) and Sixth Sense (which does make Willis’ character seem a little dense after you know what’s happening)

  • http://thedoctorwhocurescancer.com/ TheDoctorWhoCuresCancer

    Saving private Ryan was an extraordinary movie.

  • http://thedoctorwhocurescancer.com/ TheDoctorWhoCuresCancer

    Whoever made this list must live in Bizarro world.

  • Bama59

    This article reminded me of why I pay no attention to critics. I don’t need them to tell me what my opinion is, just as I don’t need this article to tell me how bad movies were from the past. Just as the critics often miss the mark so does the opinion of the writers of opinion pieces.

  • Ziggy Stardust

    Yeah, this is clearly an April Fools Day joke. I’ve heard many critics refer to Amadeus as the most perfect film ever made. And who has ever criticised Gone With The Wind?

    • Alex Mercurio

      I truly hope so. I looked for the date it was published for that very reason, but couldn’t find one. The absurdity got to a point where I was just waiting for Citizen Kane and The Godfather to pop up.

  • Bro Steve

    Only agree with 1/2 of them

  • Shawn Cameron

    This was a brilliant film. No western really has much in the way of a plot. Maybe they just could not understand the symbolism of the characters.

  • Smarty Pants

    Ahh, Saving Private Ryan. As much as I like Steven Spielberg, and though I was on this film crew, I still think the story was just ok- I would have liked it better if it weren’t so liberally tainted to make the soldiers act like they didn’t want to be there. All of the soldiers in WWII enlisted on their own. They wanted to be there. They knew what losing that war would mean to not only the USA but to the world community. Also, Adam Goldberg’s character, Mellish, was hell-bent on showing the Nazi soldiers he was a Jew. At that time in June 1944, the US had only small inklings that the Nazi’s were killing millions of our Jewish brothers, so a buck private in France would not have known this. Moreover, only those in the Nazi party, which were generally the SS, were aware of the holocaust. So the regular German soldiers in said scene would probably not know the significance of Mellish telling them he was a Jew. This said, Spielberg is still a master storyteller and the film was a 7 out of 10 for me.

    • delroymonjo

      Smarty Pants • 7 days ago said:

      “Ahh, Saving Private Ryan. As much as I like Steven Spielberg, and though I was on this film crew, I still think the story was just ok- I would have liked it better if it weren’t so liberally tainted to make the soldiers act like they didn’t want to be there. All of the soldiers in WWII enlisted on their own. They wanted to be there. They knew what losing that war would mean to not only the USA but to the world community.”
      Oh really? So WWII soldiers were all volunteers?

  • Br pa

    Agreed. Anyone that tries to say “The Thin Red Line” is a better movie than “Saving Private Ryan” is doing so only on the basis that they are trying to portray that they saw something on a higher level that no one else was able to see. Typical of those type of people but frustrating nonetheless.

    • Skiznot

      “Thin Red Line” was an art film where “Saving Private Ryan” was a main stream commercial film with an easy hook. They were both good but they had different goals. Thin Red Line definitely took on more and achieved more.

    • How

      In some ways The Thin Red Line IS a better movie the Saving Pvt. Ryan. Both are excellent films with completely different messages, & at the very least they’re both equal in their own way. But if other people see something (in Thin Red) on a higher level then YOU can, wouldn’t that be YOUR own, personal shortcoming? Blaming others for seeing something you CAN”T is pretty egotistical.

  • Al

    Yeah, I agree. This list has to be a joke.

  • Al

    Except for Titanic, the writer is completely wrong. I haven’t seen a critic score this low on the being correct scale since Owen Glieberman of EW gave “O Brother Where Are Thou?” an F.

  • tjmcmillen

    Unforgiven. #107 on IMDBs top 250. One man’s opinion I suppose.

  • tjmcmillen

    This has to be a joke.

  • FireBlogger

    Unforgiven was entertaining. What more can a movie deliver but entertainment. Eastwood + Western setting = Entertainment.

  • Jay888

    I wait for the day when a critic comes out and actually makes a worthwhile contribution to movie making, by actually completing a project that changes the world. Before Star Wars sci fi, special effects and sound was just a combination of cheap effects. George Lucas changed the world and forced movie makers to drastically improve their craft. Even Steve Spielberg admitted he hated Lucas after seeing Star Wars because he had lifted the bar so high. It is easy to go back with hindsight and 38 years of evolution in movie making and criticise films of a different genre especially when the critic has achieved nothing in their life. Go out and change the world then come back and talk to us.

  • M.C.W.

    Agreed Hackman gave the performance of a lifetime..which is saying a lot when you consider his long and distinguished career. Unforgiven was an extraordinary film that accentuated the fact that taking someone’s life is not just a trivial matter – no matter how hardened one’s heart is. This article is as lame as the youngster that wrote it.

  • Todd Hart

    All of these movies were too long and boring to sit through? Are you sure it isn’t your simple mind and short attention span that is giving you issues and not the movies themselves?!

  • veryhappy

    I went through an epic watching of all Eastwood’s spaghetti westerns immediately before watching Unforgiven. Every Key scene in Unforgiven was lifted from one of his other films. If you don’t believe it, watch them again.

  • From Tokyo

    NEVER read the book, then. The film version of Scarlett was actually likable by comparison. I read the book again every year and it never changes that Scarlett is the most hate-able character I’ve ever read (though one thing good about her is that she points out people’s hypocrisy, and she stays true to who she was, as bad as she was). Point being, the way she is in the movie is how she’s supposed to be, and yet it’s STILL a toned-down version of the character.

  • gshock

    I would like to see the list of movies where the author thinks critics got it right?
    Most of these are great movies if only because they were…mostly great. Most movies suck hard, so when lots of people agree that a movie is enjoyable, well written, directed, acted then good enough.

  • Elizabeth Warner

    I find that this critics opinion are biased. He doesn’t give credit where credit is due. Everyone has their likes and dislikes. What I consider a great movie, may not be what you consider a great movie, because we are different people, with different likes, dislikes, opinions, personalities. etc.

  • Elizabeth

    Many of the ‘real Jews’ portrayed in Schindler’s list disagreed with you!!!

  • Elizabeth

    Wow! You dished my comment. How biased can you get!? I wont read anything from this sight and I will be sure to tell people to NOT like.

  • Casey

    Saving Private Ryan was a fantastic movie. It hit home with accuracy and tugged on heart strings. I remember sitting behind a an elderly couple in the theater, the man had a WWII veteran ball cap on. He and his wife cried in the end. At the Normandy invasion scene he told his wife that, it looked just like that…wow.” this movie is beloved by critic and fan alike. The author of this article is a troll!!!

  • Casey

    The author once again. Swings and misses. How can the critics be wrong when they are right? A better angle for an article would be, “movies that the critics liked but audiences hated” or, “movies that critics hated but audiences loved”. This is his quote about Boogie Nights, “The movie was well received by both audiences and critics despite its needlessly long run time of 155 minutes”. So the critics were wrong about the movie why? The long running time? Wow…you got me there. Forgive the critics and audiences for enjoying the ride. Once again, thus guy is trolling.

  • gpack

    Never listen to paid critics. Their opinions can be biased in so many ways. Rotten Tomatoes is the way to go or ignore it all and form your own opinion.

  • techmarine83 .

    When I got to Saving Private Ryan I knew this article was bull crap and written by someone who doesn’t know what they are talking about.

  • bigfanofconnecticutskatie

    I’m so glad that there’s at least one other person in the world who thinks “Unforgiven” stunk.

  • mslman71

    Troll article.

  • Gibscreen

    Any list of overrated movies starts and ends with the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Without its inclusion this list lacks any credibility.

  • fifiwereking

    sorry, but this article should be re-titled “12 movies where movies talk was totally and completely wrong….”

  • merkaba954

    Is it me or does this person writing thaujust seem like an America hating brit, no offense to all you brits out there I love you, but come on.

    Really you are going to criticize gone with the wind? ??? Did he not even notice what year it was made? Of course it is from the perspective it was from. I have no love of that part of my county’s history but at that time we had prohibition and segregation.

    Also star wars? ? No its not the greatest movie but for goodness sake it was absolutely groundbreaking for its time and to talk about the clichés in it is ridiculous. Were they clichés when it was made or only clichés now 40 years later?

    I do agree with the Titanic thoughts I hated it.

    Unforgiven was very good and when it was made it was the best western theme movie since Tombstone and dances with wolves.

    Saving private Ryan?? Really all it was, was an American propaganda film?? In my opinion it is the best WWII movie ever. It being American soldiers has nothing at all to do with that for me. I just feel it captured the horror and struggle to a great degree. We were there beside the brits and the aussies. Fighting for a common good against tyrants.

    All I can say is you guys should be happy that the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor otherwise you may all have been speaking Deutsch praising the furor

  • Michael Kimberlin

    BS… Unforgiven was a excellent movie, entertained so much I did not realize the length at 2 hours….I believe the author of this article has long since forgotten how to enjoy a Movie….after all a critic can do nothing but criticize, and this one was done poorly.

  • Rod

    American soldiers ARE always the good guys.

  • Fabj

    Unforgiven is incredible. It’s impossible to take this reviewer seriously. I was 12 when it came out and I still love it.

  • Shunk W

    Thank goodness I am not the only one who thought all these films were way overrated.

    • Robyn Ann

      Perhaps overrated, but not where critics were “totally and completely” wrong. The writer sucks worse than the worst from this list.

  • Strider Mccleod

    So. . . I’m thinking this reviewers favorite movies were either, Coyote Ugly, or RV.

  • dallan007

    Is it just me, or is this just one big attempt at semi-professional trolling?

  • Phoenix Williams

    Sour grapes anyone? Like everything in life, what someone likes or doesn’t like is subjective. Just because the writer of this article doesn’t agree with the popularity of these movies doesn’t mean they are over rated. This is more an opinion piece that should not be passed off as general knowledge. A more apt title for this article should be “12 Highly Rated Movies Where I Feel the Critics Were Wrong”

  • Robyn Ann

    Silent treatment for a year? Sweety, I haven’t talked to my brother in 10 years. The film shows “scenes” from the previous year. We, the audience, fill in the blanks because we do that for all movies that show timeline scenes…going to the bathroom, eating breakfast, off to work. What guy hasn’t said that to his wife/gf (“you never talk to me!”).

    I expected this article to be about movies that were expected to bomb by critics, but succeeded anyway. This article is about great movies that are viewed as “totally and completely”….”just good” by the author. Poser.

  • Bill Kratzer

    geez, historical depiction of the lengths American patriots go too, is over this critics head, sadly.
    Saving Pvt Ryan shows the true cost of Honor

  • Tom Hinton

    I don’t agree with the writer on many of the films on this list…Amadeus is a wonderful film. It was very good when it came out and won 8 of 11 Academy awards and it is a wonderful film now. Nothing changed. Saving Private Ryan was also a very good film. One has to remember that we had never seen a war movie quite like that before. It was ground breaking. Speaking of ground breaking, so was Star Wars. So what if it was campy? It was the first movie to do what it did and I thank George Lucas everyday for making my younger days as a kid in the 1970′s a better time for making that movie. It still sets the standard for Sci Fi movies to this day, so it is a good film. Boogie Nights is one of my all time favorites. Who doesn’t like Dirk Diggler singing “You Got The Touch”? This can go on and on. I just don’t agree with this writer who obviously doesn’t understand film, what it means, and what it meant to the time it was released.

  • bebe

    this is a bad list and the case for why the movies are bad is poorly made

  • Pay attention!

    I don’t see why so many people rave about Gone With The Wind. I’ve tried to watch it a couple of times, but by the half hour mark I’m bored. I love a lot of old movies, both comedies and dramas. The difference was that I cared about what happened to the characters. I didn’t care about anyone in GWTW.

  • Randy Baer

    Only got up to number 4, when I realized this is like that game Diane Keaton and Michael Murphy’s characters – a pair of pretentious self-serving jerks – play in “Manhattan”….. the Hall of Fame (not sure that’s how they termed it) of the overrated. Every name they chose to dishonor was a virtual genius. The Woody Allen character Isaac suggests, “Why don’t you add Mozart to the list?” Whatever no talent a**hole compiled this list has chosen to diss some of the greatest films in American history. Why bother to read past #4?

  • Alex Mercurio

    I was just WAITING for one of those to pop up too. They might as well have.

  • DrWhat

    This article is a troll. It has to be, that’s the only explanation.
    Even if the author doesn’t know they’re a troll, its a trolling.

  • ????

    The fact that the author called Schindler’s list “a documentary style war epic” makes them lose all credibility on this article. I just think the author of this article doesn’t like war sci-fi or westerns. Watch Saving Private Ryan again and tell me, …”according to Spielberg, includes the notion that American soldiers are always the good guys.” There is an entire sequence in the movie where the squad wants to execute a prisoner for killing their medic. I just think the author chose a bunch of imdb’s top 100 he didn’t like and wrote the article without actually revisiting these films.

  • scarcasticD

    I like in the Gone With The Wind segment you take a moment to attack the director for staying too true to the source material and then blast Spielberg, and Malick for taking liberties? This post is a joke!

  • nae1210

    Sorry, “Saving Private Ryan” was a great movie.

  • Melvin Hagerman

    On top of a whiny, self-absorbed critic, the writer can’t keep his mind up on how much the movie cost or made–constantly changing between English pounds and American dollars, often in the same sentence. He also does not account for the times that the particular movie was made in (a “Gone With the Wind” made today in 2014 would likely look and be a lot different in tone than in 1939, for example). Worse, comparing “Star Wars” with the works of Akiro Kurosawa and finding the former wanting, leaves me wondering what was his critique of “The Magnificent Seven”–since both seem to be based on “The Seven Samurai”, one of Kurosawa’s better-known films.

  • Rickmerr

    Unforgiven has my favorite movie line of all time:

    - “It’s a helluva thing killing a man. You take away everything he has and everything he’ll ever have”

    - “Well he had it coming.”

    - “We all got it coming kid.”

  • InBethlehem

    My God! In my opinion, The Unforgiven is the best movie in the Western genre. When you watch this movie, you can literally taste the dust. Clint Eastwood at his very best.

  • Jon Tabakman

    I judge a movie by the impact it has on me. I enjoy being entertained. For entertainment value, I Can’t imagine anything topping “Lonesome Dove”, but “Unforgiven” is an easy #2 whenever I think of westerns.

  • Irvin Jackson

    wow, so the author just picked a bunch of legitimately good movies and decided on their own that they weren’t that good and decided that was the stone cold truth. That’s kinda retarded.

  • Trent Ramseyer

    Weird. Unforgiven has a 90%+ with both Critics and Audience on Rotten Tomatoes…

  • Jeff Parkes

    The Critic that is snubbing these films is not taking in to account the time the movies were released… They were ground breaking in their time of, nothing like Gone with the Wind had been seen on that scale and people of that time actually thought they burned part of Atlanta to make the film. There were only papers and Radio and movie news reels as the forms of news and information, not like today. Every one of the films listed I liked and can’t understand why the author thinks these are bad films… I guess everyone is a critic.

  • Average Viewer

    Most of these reviews are garbage. This is just one person’s opinion. The dollars speak for the popularity not only in the theater but the movie sales and rentals. Most of the movies this person is trashing have made a huge impact on film. If you want to talk about a bad movie try Battlefield Earth. Besides, half of the entertainment is the viewer’s ability to unlock their imagination.

  • Suzanne Cittel

    I must say, your taste in movies is quite different than mine. I liked most you don’t, and dislike most you do.

  • Michael Mankin

    Clint Eastwood . . . that explains the total failure.

    • Dan DaMan

      Academy awards, multi-multi millionaire, oh yeah, Im sure your’re right. He’s a total failure….. As we sit here writing comments. What does that make us?

  • gabriela58blue

    Why would you compare “Downfall” to “Schindler’s List”? The only thing they have in common is the time during which they take place. “Downfall” is about Hitler’s last hours in his bunker before he commits suicide. It is a great movie and I highly recommend it, but I also liked “Schindler’s List” a lot.

  • Megan

    Gone With the Wind is amazing! I fell in love from minute one and never looked back! It is a long film to take a bite out of, but the payoff is well worth it.

  • SavaShip

    I’m a little concerned that anyone is taking this article seriously in any way. I mean really, it’s a critic, being a critic of almost all the other critics. This author is not even good enough to know that 1977 Star Wars was one of the most perfect movies ever made from a filmmaking standpoint.

  • Random Generic

    I can’t say I agree with much written in this article. I think it’s worth noting that the author switched horses in mid-stream. At first he was writing about movies that received critical acclaim undeservingly, but somewhere along the lines he switches to movies that received POPULAR acclaim that shouldn’t have. Meh.

  • DC

    Saving Private Ryan was a great movie and Thom Hanks was superb. I can say this because I do not sucribe to the anti American cult.

  • DC

    Saving Private Ryan was a great move and Tom Hanks was superb as usual. I can say this because my openion is not influinced by the anti-American cult and their parasite, panty waist, whiners such as you. My father served in WWII & Korea, I served in Vietnam and my son served in Kuwait, Iraq and Afghanistan. You can take this to the bank kid, the U.S. military personel do not need propaganda movies to show the world just how noble and brave the US soldiers are in battle. Of course, a parasite would not know these things hiding behind his mothers skirt.

  • esbee

    having been raised in the 60′s and seeing most tv and movie westerns of that time, it was sad to see a bunch of concerned mothers rally that westerns were too violent. (I agree that that later 60′s westerns were more violents so basically the western genre dieds—but look at what has replaced them…uber violent graphic CSI, murder tv shows that go waaaay beyond the old westerns of early tv and movies.

  • Daniel Petersen

    About time someone agrees with me that starwars was shite!