12 Movies Where the Critics Were Totally and Completely Wrong


Despite being hailed as experts of the movie industry, critics can sometimes get it terribly wrong.

If an established film critic begins lavishing praise on a particular film, many others will fall in line behind him for fear of looking as though they missed the point of the film in question.

Others may be loyal to a particular studio or director.

Film critics can make or break a new film with just a few lines of text, as moviegoers are less likely to spend their hard earned money on tickets for a film that has been universally panned. The following 12 movies are examples of what a good review can do for a mediocre movie.

1. Unforgiven (1992)

Hailed as a part of the renaissance of the American Western, “Unforgiven” is the story of a retired gunslinger that gets back in the saddle. 20 years later, it’s still overshadowed by the greats of the genre. Clint Eastwood wrote, directed and starred in this film that revives the tired plot of an aging gunfighter brought out of retirement for one last job.

Although the movie is more than two hours long, it was actually filmed in a short amount of time. Renowned production designer Henry Bumstead broke a personal record by getting the entire movie set built and ready in just 32 days.

The entire film was shot within 39 days. “Unforgiven” was critically acclaimed by the vast majority of movie reviewers except for a few who claimed it was far too long and filled with pointless characters.

As the film doesn’t contain much in the way of a plot, it desperately needs some first class acting to really grab the audience’s attention and make us care about the main character’s plight.

Unfortunately, the entire film seems to be thrown together at the last moment, and even the combined talents of Clint Eastwood and Morgan Freeman failed to save this poorly conceived production.

  • Ryne Barnish

    Who decided that it would be a good idea to degrade these brilliant, challenging, society bending and overall revolutionary films that delineated the true aesthetics of what cinema can be? Whether the films questioned our standards through a controversial political standpoint, an ethical value, an existential provokation, or an artistic merit (the list goes on forever), these movies not only changed the way we see the world, but also the industry as well. Saving Private Ryan changed the way war epics are made and painfully evoked veterans (even though they were warned not to see it because of the intense accuarcy and realism) of what hell was like, The Thin Blue Line now sits in true glory upon the most prestigious selection cinema has to offer that are both contemporary and classic (Criterion), Star Wars not only inspired but aspired a generation of filmmakers (Rian Johnson), Metropolis established that a masterpiece could be made with visual effects and a concrete narrative (dispite A Trip To The Moon), and Amadeus was brilliantly directed (veteran director Miloš Forman) and deserved every Oscar it won. The Sixth Sense is a little debatable I agree, but it was excellently put together both on a technical, filmmaking, and storytelling outlook (plus if you don’t know the ending by now, you’ve been living under a rock). Yet, this author had the balls to say that they were all mediocre because they were well acclaimed by critics and had audiences praising it because they were actually good films. I mean, are you actuaully being serious about this? Let’s face it now, the majority of everyone who read this article disagrees with the author in the comments, and the ones that do just prove how stupid they are when they can’t even spell “shit” right (yep, I’m looking at you Daniel Petersen). And face it, this website doesn’t really want to talk about movies, it’s just a glossy tabloid site that wants to create controversy no matter how stupid they really sound in the arguement. So congratulations to the jackass that wrote this review that doesn’t know what a good, or great film really is.

  • oldsalt54

    I don’t pay attention to movie critics…Black Mass is a perfect example. Johnny Depp is outstanding and the movie perfectly portrays what happened. I know I lived it.

  • Marina Doshkevich

    THis guy doesn’t know what he is talking about. All of the movies on this list are great films, tested by audiences and critics. The fact that not everyone will love them is meaningless.

  • Hunter


  • Omar Smith

    All great movies this guy is just seeking attention