12 Comedians That Nailed Serious Movie Roles


2. Steve Martin In “Shopgirl” (2005)

We all know this gray-haired actor as a funny guy who has been making us laugh since, well forever.

Steve is widely considered to be one of the greatest comics of our time with his awesome roles in comedies like “The Jerk”, “Three Amigos”, “The Pink Panther” or “Bowfinger”, but after so many years doing strictly comedy, Martin eventually decided to make a huge U-turn in his career.

The actor started writing both novels and music. He managed to release albums as a banjo player, while he also wrote several solemn novels, one of which “Shopgirl”, was adapted into a movie of the same name starring Martin and Claire Danes.

In this dramatic romance Martin steps out of the spotlight a bit and delivers a subtle yet deeply emotional performance as an older man who unexpectedly but genuinely falls in love and founds himself in a complex love triangle.