10 Great Movies That Flopped



It’s hard to believe that some of our most beloved movies failed to set the world on fire upon their initial release.

Many movies make hundreds of millions of dollars in their opening weekend and then quietly fade into oblivion.

Others slowly build up a cult following after a disappointing debut and are later regarded as visual masterpieces.

The following 10 movies were unappreciated in their time but have since found their place in Hollywood’s proud history.

1. Blade Runner (1982)

Incredibly, one of the greatest science fiction films ever made was actually a financial flop. It’s said that audiences wanted their universes brighter or they were simply tired of sci-fi which was coming fast and furious after the release of “Star Wars.”

Whatever the reason, critics and audiences weren’t impressed. However, the years since its original release have been very kind to the film.

Many prominent critics (including Roger Ebert) who panned it when it was originally released have long since come around to hail it as a classic in the science fiction genre.

There are also seven different versions available to watch. Blade Runner is set in a dystopian future where robots known as “replicants” are employed for menial labour on other planets.

“Replicants” are forbidden to set foot on Earth, and those that defy the rules are hunted down and terminated by “Blade Runners.” Harrison Ford plays a weary yet talented “Blade Runner” who takes on one last assignment.

The movie is based on the novel “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?” by Philip K. Dick. It has become such an important part of American movie history that the Library of Congress chose to preserve it in the National Film Registry due to it being “culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant.”

  • Dwayne

    Blade Runner suffered from bad reports coming out before it was released, reports about having to add a narration so the audience could follow the story, or to make it “noir-like”. Reports of production problems always lead audiences to believe the movie will be no good.

    • Locode

      Blade runner suffered from being a terrible film. Totally overrated junk.

      • Iam_Spartacus

        Basically you just don’t like movies that make you think, Mr. Brain-numb.

        • Locode

          no, I don’t like movies that suck, Mr.A Jack.

          • robthom

            And I dont like ignorant smart mouthed children with internet access.

            I guess its a good thing that you dont get to decide what movies get made, and I dont get to decide who’s children are allowed to breathe.

          • Locode

            Sorry Ridley, your film is crap. Copy your brother, willya?

      • Patricia Stilwell

        I don’t think it was in the top 10 movies of all time, but I enjoyed it as an action film. And I love how ahead of its time it was vis-a-vis the computer effects the main character used. I surely wouldn’t call it terrible.

        • Locode

          This list isn’t the Top 10 of all time.

      • robthom

        Its certainly no resident evil sequel,
        but every list of all time great Sci-Fi movies and the national film registry disagrees with you.

        I’m sure that you would think that Casablanca was boring and didn’t have enough explosions.

        • Locode

          Who cares? I think it’s a crap overrated film that a lot of people only claim to like because it’s supposed to be good. It isn’t good. It sucks.

          • robthom

            “Who cares”

            Everybody who knows what they’re talking about thinks you’re wrong.
            So it doesn’t matter what you think.
            Who cares.

          • Locode

            If it doesn’t matter what I think, why the fark are you commenting?
            Sorry Ridley, I just don’t like your crap film.

          • Benno

            Why don’t you like it?

          • Kadongo

            Yeah … You’re right, nobody loves you. Bravo you are a big tough boy, with your literal avatar…
            You can die now.

      • mplo

        I agree with you wholeheartedly about “Blade Runner”, Locade. I also think, however, that Ben Affleck’s 4 year old movie, “The Town”, which, imho, is also an overrated, hyped-upm cartoon-like piece of junk which is more like a feature-length soap opera than a regular movie, should’ve also made that list.

      • Mark Mayfield

        It was one of those type of movies that you needed to read the book first to understand it. The director’s cut is better, they left out the narration. If they made the other 2 movies, everything would’ve been made clear about BR.

      • catalinda8

        No way – I loved Blade Runner when I first saw it, I was just a kid then. I’ve watched it many times since. An amazing film with such memorable acting. Rutger Hauer’s best role.

  • Dwayne

    Some movies just aren’t intended to reach a huge audience. Brazil is certainly one. It’s smart, quirkly and it’s humor is decidedly dark. It’s certainly the result of the director’s personal vision.

    • Patricia Stilwell

      Ouu I thought it was incomprehensible. I think that’s why it did poorly. Of course, I didn’t like Citizen Kane either despite all its kudos.

      • Abbé Faria

        Citizen Kane is one of those movies that pretentious people pretend to like.

        • John Beam

          Project much?

          • Abbé Faria

            I know film students.

          • Rob Dotzler

            I’m sure it would have struck a note for you if Orson would have just exposed his chest for half the movie and he was covered in glitter. He was a young man at the time after all. I enjoyed it, I’m not a film student nor am I pretentious. I am 51 years now, so I don’t have such a narrow view of the world. I did see Citizen Kane for the first time in my mid 20′s. I enjoyed it then but I enjoy it more now, it might have to do with the fact I’m not a shallow little jerk, who knows.

    • Louie in Longmont

      Takes an intellect to appreciate Brazil.

    • AJ75

      Brazil is brilliant. Terry Gilliam is a true artist.

  • UN

    whats worse is how while these great movies flopped twilight franchise made billion…

    • Michael Sokolowski

      i’m not a twilight fan. but picking on it got old awhile ago and take little to no thought

    • Abbé Faria

      Most of these movies are not for a mainstream audience. I mean have you actually watched most of these movies? Twilight is a bad movie that I’ve watched several times because they are fun. How many times have I watched Citizen Cane? Once, and I will never watch it again. And while I love Das Boot, it it 3 and a half hours long and in German. And a number of these movies are only considered classics because of nostalgia.

      • UN

        i have seen 6 of these movies….while there are 3 i have never heard of so maybe you’re partially right

        • Abbé Faria

          English isn’t my first language either, and I do speak German. Just not military german all that much.

      • Brian

        I’ve seen Citizen Kane (that’s how it’s correctly spelled) at least 5 times– it’s pure genius and a pleasure to watch. I’ll never subject myself to the excrement that is the Twilight franchise.

        • Abbé Faria

          Sure, and that’s you. My comment was to UN. And UN admitted to never having heard of 3 of the movies on the list, so my point about who the movies are made for still stands. And I know it’s spelled Kane, take it as a commenting at 2am fail and don’t be such a douche. In addition, what’s with crapping all over movies you haven’t even watched? That’s decidedly hipster judgmental of you.

          • UN

            neither is english my first language so whats ur point?

          • Abbé Faria

            Sorry, I answered the wrong comment. Answer was to Christopher Luther who said there was an English languaged version of das boot. Sorry for the confusion.

        • Ken

          Sure you have Brian……..you remind me of every film student I’ve ever spoken to…..or like the many actors I’ve met over the years who say “oh, I am all Stanivlaski….like, he is my mentor, you know? Method? Oh yeah. Nothing else like it. Pure genius”.

          • Pino

            Yeah, he must be one of those jerks that likes good movies- can’t stand them!!! He will never know the genius of Twilight. I mean, “Kane” is in black and white. HELLO?!?!?!?!?!? How can you even watch a black and white film for more than 2 minutes? Movies from the 1700′s suck, they didn’t even have good CGI back then. God forbid you even mention a good director these days, everyone will jump at you for the audacity of knowing about film as art as opposed to marketing.

          • Kerry White

            how can you even watch a black and white movie?!?!? are you serious? How is anyone supposed to take you seriously on topics like this if you summarily refuse to watch some of the greatest movies ever made because they aren’t in color. My God! the ignorance! I will never understand the tiny mentality it takes to say “oh it’s not in color I can’t watch it”. It boggles the mind – correction – it boggles the intelligent mind

          • Videoguy

            Someone missed the sarcasm

          • AJ75

            Someone has no sense of humor.

          • mikinzla

            I’m grateful you will never be in the audience watching true cinema masterpieces.

            Stick to your video games little boy.

          • Miss Y

            You really couldn’t tell that Pino’s comment was intended as sarcasm? wow

        • Brandon Roberts

          on twilight agreed and orson welles may have been an insane con artist but he was talented

        • Hum

          So you’re pretty much saying that you wont subject yourself to a movie franchise … because of what other people have told you?

          Sounds really stupid for someone to say something is garbage with out actually having seen it… regardless thou it’s all about the audience it’s intended for… just like i have no interest in watching magic mike… i’m not going to say the movie is awful thou i just dont want to watch it.

      • Christopher Luther

        Just FYI, there’s an English version of Das Boot, with nearly all of the actors providing their voices. The German version was actually dubbed, too.

      • AJ75

        Twilight movies are literally unwatchable for me. And that’s not to say I didn’t try. As a fan of all things undead, I truly gave it several chances. Never made it through awake.

    • http://thisaintnarnia.com/ Andrew Littler

      What the hell are you trying to say?

    • mike

      yea but that is all due to inflation

    • festie

      twilight’s success capitalized on the continuation of the dumbing down of the American psyche.

      • Hum

        Or if capitalized on the fact that people going to movies are getting younger and parents are getting more tired of having their kids around so they send them to the movies more(jk)

        But twilight is a good movie for the generation… they capitalized on being able to sell sex to kids…. they had the taboo of shirtless guys that normally they wouldn’t be able to see.

        • Eddie Munster

          Why not there parents did the same to them its what the older gen taught them….

  • Thomas L. Goodie Jr.

    Big trouble in little china is classic…’nuff said!

    • MrsMommy

      WHATEVER. I’m watching it now and I can see why it flopped. Smarmy 80′s schlock.

      • Ray Butler

        Really? A fantasy adventure comedy action, you take it that seriously? You’re smarmy 80′s schlock :p

      • Jackiechanfan

        You obviously have no idea what a good movie is. Stop watching them.

  • Gary Eberly

    Said the same people who thought Twilight and Spiceworld were quality

  • Gary Eberly

    This really pisses me off Mr. Burton to no end!!

  • Kirk Mailloux

    Joe VS the Volcano SUCKS

  • Agassifan

    I’m unaware of anyone who ever thought Joe vs the volcano was even okay

  • Daddie Tang

    The Great Santini !!!! USMC at its best!

  • Adam Vinnie Campetti

    Would be cool to see links to old reviews. I mean if somebody had the old paper and news paper articles to upload. I’d love a retro site like that. Highlighting all reviews to older movies. Somebody.. make it happen. Thanks for this post. I remember watching Big Trouble in Little China on VHS when it was brand new. I can’t believe it was a flop, but then again I don’t remember it being advertised much on TV before it was out on VHS.

    • AJ75

      Try Google.

  • Martman46

    I remember seeing Joe vs. the Volcano and thinking that it was easily the worst movie I had ever seen.

    • Scott Arnold

      You’ve obviously never seen “Comin’ at Ya!” in 3-D. I remember seeing it with a friend when it came out in 1981. We both agreed that it was so bad that we couldn’t leave the theater without seeing another film to get the bad taste out of our mouths. Our second choice was better: An American Werewolf in London.

      • catalinda8

        My worst movie ever: Zardoz, with Sean Connery.

    • AJ75

      Clearly anyone who uses the phrase “worst movie ever” has never seen Troll 2. Having not seen that, the default worst movie ever is “Plan 9 From Outer Space”.

  • fairportfan

    I’ve seen all of these films except Joe vs the Volcano

    I’d watch most of them again – some multiple times – except The Wizard of Oz (which completely screwed up its source material) and It’s a Wonderful Life (horrifyingly saccharine schmaltz that would be dangerous for diabetics).

    Blade Runner is a muddled film that never really hits the notes squarely. Citizen Kane is very much a film of its time, but if you know the period, it’s fascinating.

    Iron Giant is simply brilliant; like Disney’s earlier Return to Oz it suffered badly because the studio failed to get the word out. (In the case of IG, it was simple incompetence, apparently – in the case of the Disney film, it was intentional, due to studio politics).

    • Merano

      You’re exactly right about Disney politics. SPIRITED AWAY ought to be on this list, too, an incredibly brilliant film Disney deliberately tanked it so it wouldn’t compete with their own product (as they do with all Studio Ghibli films in the US)

      • nevilleross

        That and the fact that another Studio Ghibl movie hasn’t been released by them because it has a scene in which the main character has her period, which sickened Disney executives.

  • Skyhawk

    Blade Runner was a singularly brilliant film. The bleakness, sadness and desperation was shockingly real and had a visceral impact on me. Amazing work.

    • Mark Mayfield

      The director’s cut is outstanding. They stayed true to the book. I wish they would’ve made the other 2 books into movies. Talk about plot twists.

      • stormwyrm

        You probably have never read the book then. While the film indeed stayed true to the *spirit* of Philip K. Dick’s vision, and in large part transcended it, it really wasn’t that faithful to the actual story. No word of the religion of Mercerism, which was a key element in the original Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, or even the titular electric sheep. No sub-normal character based on J.R. Isidore who helps the androids. The term ‘replicant’ comes from the film, the book just calls them ‘androids’.

        This is not to say that Blade Runner was not a brilliant film. It absolutely was, probably the greatest work Ridley Scott did since Alien.

        • Bob Smith

          wasn’t the little scientist can’t remember his name that brought Priss home based on JR, storm? I admit it has been way too long since I read the book or saw the film soo…

    • kirkmcloren

      Me too. Only movie I ever went back to see after seeing it. Went by myself. A first.

  • JT

    The Wizard of Oz was nominated for Best picture and lost to Gone with the Wind. I hardly consider that a flop

    • mplo

      “The Wizard of Oz” is a wonderfully fun movie. I thought that “Gone With the Wind” was very, very overrated, however.

      • catalinda8

        I hated Gone with the Wind until I read the book, and then I enjoyed the movie.

  • JoeD

    Blade Runner sucked then and it sucked now!

  • Ben Caesar

    Interesting list. Cheers.

  • Paul Jacobs

    Blade Runner is not one of the greatest Sci Fi films ever made, but the Director’s Cut of Blade Runner is one of the very finest films of any genre ever made. It seems like that distinction gets forgotten because nobody watches the theatrical version any more, which was unpopular because of the bad editing and terrible decision to include voice over narration.

    • Billy___Bob

      I liked the narration.

      • Geoff

        I too liked the narration. I liked Harrison Ford’s subdued delivery (I read he didn’t like doing it – but to me that only added to the overall atmosphere of the movie). I liked the music score, and backgrounds for the same reason. I also loved Rutger Hauer’s performance, persona. In fact, I thought all the characters were so creative, and memorable (Daryl Hannah is forever a mermaid, and Pris to me). The mystery of Gaff. The vulnerability of JF Sebastion. The genious/pride/arrogance of Tyrell. The story itself. I even liked the ending with Rachel and Deckard off to an unknown, but hopeful destination. Maybe because I saw it when I was the right age (18), but it will always be one of my favorite movies (I understand and liked the changes to the later versions, but I have no problems with the original, as it stands).

  • Andy D

    No shawshank redemption??? :/

    • AJ75

      Because it wasn’t a bomb at the box office. Maybe you misunderstood the list.

  • Bored With Fame

    Movies I love don’t have mainstream recognition, whaaaaaaa. An Oscar doesn’t prove anything other than one’s ability to suck Hwood. If you want Hwood validity, go make a shit ton of money and buy it. That’s how it works. Or, hey, FUCK Hwood and go make your own damn movie! Or play critic and feel self righteous. Whatever works for you.

  • Marstan Jenson

    i decided to watch Big Trouble in Little China (1986) a while back with my older couzin who had seen this when he was little. thank you megashare. i really enjoyed it xD

  • Top_Jimmy

    Big Trouble in Little China basically was a blue print for Tarantino, Stephen Chow and others to make the action/comedy/kung fu movies. It was too far ahead of its time and the studio did not know what to make of it and failed in its advertising. Pre-screenings had some of the highest audience ratings they had seen and yet the movie failed. Cripes, as a kid in 2nd grade I knew Blade Runner was like no other movie I had ever seen when my dad took me to it, I loved it. 20 years later people started to re-discover that masterpiece and now it’s regarded as one of sci-fi’s best. Good job people, you caught up to a second grader…morons.

  • Cherise Mcenerney

    My absolute favorite movie- no amazing in it’s visual effects-so beautifly written and acted-and as someone who “read the book” before the movie- the movie was visually better-which usually never happens-I don’t care what anyone thinks- if I hear someone did’t like the film- I have them over to watch it- and 100% seriously changed their minds-It will forever go down as my favorite movie-<3

  • Chris Starkiller

    They forgot about the original PREDATOR it finaly started to make a profit in 2001 loll !

    • catalinda8

      I loved Predator!!

  • http://randonshots.org/ Mike von bach

    just passing threw reading stuff nothing to say really .i mean if i had something to say i would say it ..BUT i dont. So i wont take up any more of your valuable time.thanks and have a great day.

    • richteacher

      Pass through next time…

  • Savannah Green

    I LOVED & STILL LOVE Kiss Kiss Bang Bang! Thanks for giving it a nod!

  • Danny

    All of those movies are considered Cult classics.

  • Barbara Edwards

    Loved Big Trouble In Little China! It had everything comedy, action and scifi.

  • Raptor Jesus

    Blade Runner looked great and rewards multiple viewings with it’s rich set and costume design and special effects.

    But frankly the script was a mess and the third act just falls apart.

    It’s not a mystery why this one failed at the B.O.

  • James H Watschke

    Joe vs. The Volcano blew chunks!

  • kycatfan

    Loved Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, found it in the bargain bin.

  • John Taylor

    Blade Runner was great? Must not have read the book. Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? was a great book. Had they made the movie more like the book, it might have been great. Of course that can be true of most movies based on books. Look at Starship Troopers. One of Heinlein’s best and the result is a movie that resembles the book in title, but little else.

  • farenbalanced

    Joe Versus the Volcano was a great, offbeat movie. Not only was Tom Hanks terrific, but the first time around I didn’t realize the three women in his life were all Meg Ryan! The movie was written by the great John Patrick Shanley (Moonstruck, Doubt). Yeah, they obviously ran out of money and had to tack on a quick ending, but it’s still well worth it.

  • http://tarskiblog.blogspot.com/ Tarski Merceda

    Interesting list.. can’t believe all these great films flopped..

  • macguffin54

    Joe vs the Volcano was a disappointment since expectations were high for Hanks, but, as I recall, the film was actually a modest success. It made money over time, not a a lot, but a decent amount. Cute little dark, comic fairy tale.

  • Diavolino

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for including Joe Versus the Volcano! I’ve always thought that was one of the most underrated movies of all time!

  • Jim E

    Rustlers Rhapsody (1984). Great movie the everyone hated.

  • WellhungHippie

    Joe Versus the Volcano….great???? It sucked when I paid $3.00 to see it and it sucks now.

  • Steve Ayres

    It is perhaps telling that none of these are in my movie collection.

  • Chaz

    Vin Diesel voicing the Iron Giant was amazing. I love that movie!

  • Bill C.

    Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang was terrific … also loved Big Trouble In Little China … missing from the list is AI, which apparently most people hate, but which I love, though it could be, say, 10 to 20 minutes shorter.

    • AJ75

      I was with ya till AI.

  • wrath_of_fett

    There were a LOT of big science fiction movies the same summer as Blade Runner. Being rated R didn’t help.

  • Bill

    OK, let me be very very clear …. Joe vs. the Volcano was without question the worst movie ever made. It was so bad that Tom Hanks actually apologized for it while hosting Saturday Night Live.
    So bad that even after Sleepless in Seattle, fans would not forgive Hanks and Ryan until they made You’ve got Mail.
    THEN all was forgiven and the sight of Abe Vigoda as a pacific island chief could finally be washed from our collective minds.

    • richardstarr

      The worst? Harsh dude. Yeah, it was pretty stupid, but I’m sure you can think of worse if you really want to.

      • AJ75

        Easy: Troll 2.

  • Brandon Roberts

    yeah and all these movies did well but you forgot willy wonka and the chocolate factory

  • Zippy&theCandles

    Wizard of Oz was a flop?! Definitely one of my top 10 movies of all time. Makes you wonder about current movie flops.

  • NelsonRobison

    Another one of the greatest movies that never made it past the critics because of another film, is Dark City. Dark City is much better and better written all around then the box office success The Matrix.

    • RogueAmerican

      Great comment. Dark City is an absolute FANTASTIC film that did nothing at the box office and is a movie that most people don’t even know and talk about.

      I wouldn’t compare Dark City with the MATRIX though. The Matrix in 1999 when it first came out was one of those groundbreaking movie moments like Jurassic Park or T2 that were just visually out of this world and conceptually was like nothing else before.

  • Samuel K

    It’s a Wonderful Life only became a classic because the studio let the copyright lapse, and television stations around the county used it to fill airtime at christmas free of charge. It’s a classic because of repetition, not content.

  • Joseph Thornton

    The 1995 Judge Dredd movie was a real flop, but the flying motorcycles should’ve been included in the 2012 version.

  • Joseph Thornton

    Big Trouble in Little China must be where they got the idea for Raiden And Shang Tsung from Mortal Combat.

  • CareBare Hair

    It’s A Wonderful Life got shitty reviews because it was an anti-capitalist story and the owners of the media weren’t taking that lying down.

  • RandomUser

    01 Blade Runner is the greatest sci-fi movie ever filmed.
    02 Citizen Kane. Way too old.
    03 The Iron Giant. Yes, the robot sacrificing itself.
    04 It’s a Wonderful Life. Refer to number 2.
    05 Big Trouble in Little China. When Asians were actually cool. Good movie indeed.
    06 The Wizard of Oz. My mother and sisters like this movie.
    07 Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. If I’ve seen it I forgot about it. Which means…?
    08 Brazil. I just don’t know.
    09 The General. 2 and 4 come to mind.
    10 Joe Versus the Volcano. Tom Hanks is overrated. Although Forrest Gump was ok.
    11 Obviously someone was on a break from here on.

    • richteacher

      Age has nothing to do with quality, watch Kane when you are an adult and you can better appreciate how important and influential it is to great films right up to today as well as how amazing it shows the human condition. It is brilliance personified.

    • AJ75

      Uh… read the title of the article.

  • CAV

    Big trouble still one of my favorites. I still watch it from time to time

  • libertyluvur

    Looper is also very good

    • Ushio

      Looper didn’t flop it made $176 million on a budget of $30 million that’s fantastic.

  • ClarkMa

    Big Trouble is Little China Town is comedy, and those who did not like it, did not get it…. over the top John Wayne.

  • richardstarr

    Loved the Iron Giant. Was really ticked off that they did not market it right.
    When it did not perform, they closed the animation section instead of firing
    the marketing department.

  • Glen

    Ishtar is awesome. Truly underrated. In fact, they’re making a documentary about it: Waiting for Ishtar

  • http://batman-news.com harbo

    It’s a wonderful life is STILL horrible. I think people that say it is their favorite Christmas movie are either laughing at it, don’t get it, or are just oblivious to how bad it is. The only reason it has become a “Holiday Classic” is because of how cheap it was.

    • AJ75

      Totally agree. It’s A Wonderful Life is painful to endure. So glad “A Christmas Story” replaced it as the overplayed (but still great) holiday staple.

  • avnrulz

    “The film is narrated by Robert Downey Jr. who plays a petty thief that
    accidently becomes an actor after stumbling into an audition.” Look for ‘The Stuntman’ with Steven Railsback and Peter O’Toole.

  • Anita Maria Lopez

    To this list I would add my favorite movie, The Night of the Hunter. The only movie Charles Laughton directed. I heard its failure broke his heart & he never directed again. How much we missed.

    • Miss Y

      That was a FABULOUS movie, truly creepy, even for being so old.

  • 18235

    I’ve always hated BLADERUNNER—-seems like an old TWILIGHT ZONE episode, with some new effects added to it.

    • AJ75

      You mention Twilight Zone as if it were a negative quality.

      • Al Scarbrough

        Twilight Zone was some of the greatest TV science fiction of all time. So connotations that are negative in regard to it are just not right. But everyone has their opinion. Anyone that does not enjoy The Twilight Zone is missing out on some great SF.

  • unsocial

    I couldn’t finish Joe vs The Volcano the 1st time I tried to watch it.. Haven’t tried since.. Also Tom Hanks was hugely sucessful before winning Oscars… Splash? Big?… Tom Hank’s 1st dramatic turn on film won him an Oscar so now it’s largely forgotten that he was a comedic actor for well over a decade before turning to drama..

  • Amy Chastain

    I can agree on Joe vs The Volcano cause it sucked BUT Big Trouble in Little China? No f%^&in way! It was/is badass! Kurt Russell rocks!

  • kirkmcloren

    Blade Runner was truly awesome. I went back and watched by myself. Star Wars was a fairy tale. The obvious hands down sci fi winners are Blade Runner and Firefly.

    • Senor Bacon

      Star Wars is a western set in space.

  • Momus

    Joe versus the Volcano was a terrible movie and so was It’s a Wonderful Life. Big Trouble in Little China was not a great film, it was a bad movie that was so over the top it was funny.

    Kids Kiss Bang Bang on the other hand was a fantastic film.

  • Rus

    I was with this article until it got to the last movie. “Joe vs. the Volcano” was pure crap. Pedestrian screenplay. Sloppy comedy. A waste of Tom Hanks’ talent. It was a total disappointment. I thought it did okay at the box office. I’m glad to know it didn’t (though it stole my $5.00 back in the day).

  • AmericaGoneNutz

    You all are sooo wrong about Joe versus the Volcano. Read Ebert’s review. Its a movie you either get or don’t get. If you don’t get it, I feel sorry for you.

    • Al Scarbrough

      So I guess your opinion is what everyone should have as their opinion? Saying you feel sorry for us if we do not “get it” is a bit extreme. I definitely “got it”, but it could have been adapted with MUCH more quality than it was. There are too many serious quirks in it to make it a good adaptation to the big screen as a movie. If everyone had the same opinion about every single thing, what a boring and frightening world we would live in.

  • Frankie

    Look, there are lots of reasons to watch a movie. When we watch for entertainment we want whatever appeals to us (ie. Action/romance/adventure/sparkle-y vampires, whatever your thing is). If we want to watch movies for the art factor then we delve into the depths of cinematic beauty, gravitas of the actors or skill at some production quality. You simply CAN’T compare Twilight and Citizen Kane. As much as many, myself included, hate Twilight, it did is job. It entertained enough of a audience to make the studio money. Was it cinematic at or brilliant acting? Definitely not. But then again I’m not entertained in the same way by Citizen Kane that I am by Iron Man or something similar.

    Arguing Citizen Kane against Twilight or anything in the Marvel franchise is like comparing apples and oranges. It’s Film vs. Blockbuster. Art vs. Profit. So don’t go blue in the face adding where it doesn’t warrant it. Calm thyselves. A Twilight reboot/sequel will never get bumped out of production by a re-rendering of Citizen Kane. And Twilight is never going to be a challenge to the All-time #1 movie slot.

  • Binx Bolling

    Just to clarify, “Brazil” did not have its first public screening at USC. The school cancelled the showing after being pressured by Universal. The first screening of the film – full-length and uncut – took place later that same day at California Institute of the Arts with Terry Gilliam in attendance.

  • richteacher

    Great then even better now. Influenced great films for over 70 years.

  • Jack

    Shawshank Redemption was a huge flop… Now rated #1 on IMDB.

  • Edward J. Cunningham

    If Buster Keaton’s character attempted to enlist in the U.S. Army, he wouldn’t have minded if Union troops stole the locomotive and would have tried to help them out. Since he fights them, it’s clear that he is a Confederate, as his name “Johnny Gray” implies.

  • Edward J. Cunningham

    Joe Vs. The Volcano is OK, but this is NOT an overlooked classic. If this film has been successful on VHS and DVD afterwards, it’s not because it’s a great film in and of itself but because of Tom Hanks’ popularity.

  • Bernice Frona

    I thought I was the only one who liked ‘Joe Versus the Volcano”.

  • Vikas Sarwa

    Most of the movies from this list were not so good

  • tevra

    i still don’t understand the craze for Citizen Kane. it is the perfect night time soap opera but if you have insomnia there no better way to guarantee a good nights rest than to watch that snooze fest.

  • Jerry Jerry

    I watched Blade RUnner when it came out. Having seen Jaws, The Towering Inferno and Star Wars, Blade Runner was way underdone and too dark. Was like sitting in a funeral home watching a bad movie for two hours. Rutger Hauer is a great actor, they could have done Blade Runner a lot better.

  • Jerry Jerry

    I just watched Citizen Cane on Hulu. One thing I do not get is why it is considered the greatest movie of all time. The same night I watched Citizen Kane I also watched the original 1913 silent version of A Christmas Carol, a far better movie than Citizen Kane.

  • Jerry Jerry

    Its a Wonderful Life is a great movie, plain and simple.

  • Chris Inman

    Joe versus the volcano is truly an awful movie. No matter what this list says, it’s terrible lol.

  • Garygon

    John Carter of Mars will be on this list in a few years. The “critics” blew it big time!

  • choklitcheeka

    I have no response for this…..must be my brain cloud

  • Greg

    Vin Diesel has a lot more than ‘a single line’ as The Iron Giant. Maybe you should have watched the movie?

  • Pa`Lante

    Big trouble in little china

    Despite failing to reclaim its production costs at the box office, the movie became a huge hit after being released on DVD.

    actually in VCR format, blockbuster stores, the 80`s

  • Al Scarbrough

    I definitely agree with you. What little special effects had to be used in it, like the scene where they are on the raft out on the water, were absolutely awful. The story, acting, premise, and everything about Joe Versus The Volcano was just terrible. It isn’t even fun to watch in a Mystery Science Theater 3000 type of way. The ridiculousness of it isn’t even fun to make fun of. There’s just nothing redeeming or valuable in it. So some of these lists that are here on this site that are in regard to awful movies are totally missing this complete bomb and dud. Tom Hanks probably wants to just forget he ever made it.