25 Great Movies That Flopped


It’s hard to believe that some of our most beloved movies failed to set the world on fire upon their initial release.

Many movies make hundreds of millions of dollars in their opening weekend and then quietly fade into oblivion.

Others slowly build up a cult following after a disappointing debut and are later regarded as visual masterpieces.

The following 10 movies were unappreciated in their time but have since found their place in Hollywood’s proud history.

1. Blade Runner (1982)

Incredibly, one of the greatest science fiction films ever made was actually a financial flop. It’s said that audiences wanted their universes brighter or they were simply tired of sci-fi which was coming fast and furious after the release of “Star Wars.”

Whatever the reason, critics and audiences weren’t impressed. However, the years since its original release have been very kind to the film.

Many prominent critics (including Roger Ebert) who panned it when it was originally released have long since come around to hail it as a classic in the science fiction genre.

There are also seven different versions available to watch. Blade Runner is set in a dystopian future where robots known as “replicants” are employed for menial labour on other planets.

“Replicants” are forbidden to set foot on Earth, and those that defy the rules are hunted down and terminated by “Blade Runners.” Harrison Ford plays a weary yet talented “Blade Runner” who takes on one last assignment.

The movie is based on the novel “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?” by Philip K. Dick. It has become such an important part of American movie history that the Library of Congress chose to preserve it in the National Film Registry due to it being “culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant.”

  • JEFilms

    just to add, solomon kane was great also, i watched it several times. they had to release it twice i think just to cover up for the loses

  • Cannonfodderg

    Joe vs. the Volcano – terrible. I only remember it because it was the first movie in my cinematic life where I decided to actively not finish it. Cannot believe it’s on the list.

  • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas

    sphere sucked so did supernova…they got those two right

  • Bill C.

    It was Hugo’s soppy girlfriend that sank that film.

  • chris722

    I couldn’t get into Hugo

  • Gregory Brown

    I know it’s been two years, honey, but you are a fuking idiot.

  • Gregory Brown

    I still can’t watch “Brazil” again, not because it’s bad, but because it is a hard movie to watch. Once. Glad we did. Not going back. I should have added it to comments in the “movies you can’t watch twice” thread.

  • Gregory Brown

    The “Brazil” brouhaha is exactly why Mel Brooks slipped “final cut” authority into his contract for “Blazing Saddles.” The suits had no power to stop his version.

  • Uncouth Angel

    Blade Runner is the most overrated film of all time, hands down. It’s a lot like Tim Burton’s Batman in the respect that it’s a masterpiece of atmosphere and production, but it’s completely lacking in human interest. It’s dull and dramatically flat. As a viewing experience, it sucks. It’s one of those movies like 2001 that you might mention to make yourself sound cultured, but I have a hard time imagining anyone actually enjoying this film.