Top 10 Box Office Flops That Are Actually Pure Gold


Failure at the box office can mean many things, such as poor acting, bad writing or dull story line, but flopping at the box office can mean a film is rather revolutionary and not quite accepted first-hand by the public. Box office flops that are actually great movies have been discussed at length but it doesn’t hurt to give them another glance and remember that no bucks in ticket sales can mean pure gold in film-watching experience.

1. Fight Club (1999)

David Fincher’s Fight Club has turned into one of the most iconic box office failures among films that later went on to reach the stars.

Fight Club brought home $37 million, which was only a half of the film’s budget, and experienced movie-goers know that $37 million is actually pretty high for a film that faced so much political backlash.

Slammed by the media for being too violent, after Fight Club failed to impress the critics with its anti-everything point of view, it’s a miracle it even made what it did while showing in theatres.

It took the viewers a few years to really start to appreciate the message of destruction towards corporate values and alienation that modern way of living so vastly propagates.

More than 15 years after its release, Fight Club is one of the most praised films that dissects the culture we live in and shows the ugly side of a consumption-obsessed generation.