10 Best Sci-Fi/Horror Movie Halloween Masks


Masks are one of the most essential props of any good horror or sci-fi movie as good villains need good masks. Masks serve to accentuate the terror already associated with the villain’s actions and to effectively creep us all out for weeks to come.

With Halloween approaching we thought we’d put together a list of the most iconic film masks that can be easily used as costumes for this year’s party.

1. Button Mask in Nightbreed (1990)

Dr. Decker’s button mask certainly sends chills down your spine because not only is it creepy in and of itself with the buttons for eyes, but it makes the psychotic villain even more terrifying.

Although that’s clearly the point of masks in sci-fi and horror movies, the button mask takes a spot on our list for being as simple as they get and yet so effective it will give your nightmares for weeks.

Human masks are generally more terrifying than all other masks, which is why the button mask, which shows some sort of distorted facial features, is impressively efficient.

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The zipper for a mouth on a face made of sack is disturbing, and although showing up for a Halloween party in this mask is unlikely to get you any dates, it sure will make you a force to be reckoned with in the best mask contest.