15 Actors In Unrecognizable Roles


Acting is basically pretending to be someone else, and with that “job description” actors are often thrown into roles that require unbelievable transformations. As it usually goes, some stand out more than others. So here are 15 actors in unrecognizable roles.

1. Glenn Close

If you’re surprised that Glenn Close was in Hook, we bet you are not the only one.

In this movie, director Steven Spielberg acquired the cameo services of several high profile actors and other celebrities, and yes, Close was one of them.

Who she played, you ask? Well, it’s truly an interesting and unrecognizable role – she played the male pirate being shoved inside Captain Hook’s box.

Yes, that is her and yes, we know you never would have guessed. Close’s cameo in Hook is special because also for the fact that it didn’t stand out at all and yet, it’s so fascinating when you think about it.