10 Movies Turned Into Shows


Usually when people think about TV shows that owe their existence to their big-screen “parent,” a slight frown can be seen on their face as these shows are, usually, horrible. However, not all movies turned into TV shows are a total failure, both by the critics’ and the audience’s judgment (or, perhaps, their lack of judgment). These 10 movies turned into shows have proven that there’s always an exception.

1. Alice

“Alice,” 1976’s sitcom which was based on Martin Scorsese’s Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore 1974 flick, is one of the best examples how one story can be told in two very different ways.

The end result?

A critically acclaimed big-screen drama got turned into a beloved CBS sitcom which just doesn’t have the same weight, although it has its charms.

Then again, sitcoms (especially those from the 70’s) are supposed to be “light.” The TV show got spawned two years after the movie’s release, and it ran for nine seasons and over 200 episodes.

It centered around the diner in which the protagonist worked, and it featured Broadway star Linda Lavin who took over Ellen Burstyn’s role of Alice, a woman who tries to pick up on her singing career after her husband’s death but ends up working in a diner.