Top 20 Movies Based on True Stories


20. Apollo 13

It is actually a dramatic adaptation of the book about the infamously aborted lunar mission, written by two astronauts.

It stars Tom Hanks and Kevin Bacon and it was a critically acclaimed movie which is easily demonstrated by nine Academy Awards nominations.

It did win only two though, for the Best Sound and Best Film Editing.

Directed by Ron Howard, the film depicts the story of three astronauts who must figure out how to return to Earth despite massive damage to their aircraft.

This is a complex movie, full of wild attempts to get the crew home safely. With power running low and oxygen being depleted at a fast rate, the crew must come up with ways to survive while Mission Control figures out how to get the crew safely home.

If you have ever wanted to learn more about how space missions are handled, this is a great movie to watch an indulge your need for information.

“Apollo 13” – 20th Anniversary Edition is available here

The Apollo 13 mission was supposed to be the third lunar landing mission ever to be completed, but the crew never made it to the Moon.

The accident happened in 1970, at a time when shuttle launches had become ordinary to the US citizens. The accident quickly came into the spotlight once the astronauts were trapped without a way to return to Earth.

The three astronauts eventually make it home safely.