Top 12 creepy horror movies that you shouldn’t watch alone


Do you love to be creeped out by a horror movie that can send shivers down your spine? After you work your way through this list of terrifying horror flicks, you might regret answering yes to that question.

Here are the 12 scariest horror movies of all time.

1. The Exorcist

The Exorcist is a classic horror movie, and for a good reason.

This story of an innocent little girl possessed by an evil demon has been captivating audiences since the movie’s release in 1973.

You won’t forget the image of the child’s possessed face, or her unnatural body positions, including the famous revolving head scene.

The claustrophobic nature of the setting – an ordinary family home – adds to the creepiness of the situation. It also helps that the acting is superb.

Expect to be scared silly by this creepy horror flick, which has been making audiences afraid to sleep alone for more than forty years.

“The Exorcist” is based on the terrifying novel by William Peter Blatty that has spawned a total of five movies. However, none can compare to the original which was nominated for 10 Academy Awards.

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Even without the help of special effects, the film is thoroughly convincing and contains some truly heart-stopping moments that terrify even the toughest horror fans.

The infamous spider walk scene where Regan descends the stairs in a contorted position was cut from the original movie. This was because the strings holding the actress up were clearly visible onscreen. The strings were removed using computer software later on, and the scene was included in the film’s rerelease.

  • chloe

    Guys ! “Paranormal activity Was SCARY It Scared The Beans out Of Me :DDD

    • jeff12

      the conjuring is scarier

    • Frankie

      Yeah paranormal is scary as. Its scary when they just get dragged

    • Lol?

      Are you 14? You might wanna look up actually good horror films and get some perspective. Paranormal Activity is 2 predicable jump scares in-between shitty story filler.

    • taylah

      XD paranormal activity isnt even scary like wtf i watch it in the dark all by my elf and im only 14.

    • Kirsten Ness

      freaked me out too

    • Kirsten Ness

      Paranormal activity freaked me out too, but I agree, The Conjuring is scarier. Especially toward the end when the mom is possessed… and the chair goes on the ceiling… scared the crap out of me

  • Non✨ Natsumi

    I watch “The Witch Project” It’s scary but at the end It’s very confusing me…..who’s screaming??????? and who’s that standing there not doing anything and then they just drop their camera…….I-:…and tomorrow, I go to school….I’ll always thinking about what that’s ghost look like maybe like a child???????………..AAAAAAAA…………. I DON’T KNOW…..It’s scary tho….(:

    • Eric Perkins

      The camera person is screaming because she now sees the blair witch (presumably very scary) the person standing in the corner (the way the old guy described how the witch killed the children) was the other cameraman, and she drops the camera precisely because the witch is now killing and eating her. Simple.

      • Non✨ Natsumi

        how did u know that???? but thanks it’s confusing me before and know I’m OK thanks a lot to u 😉

        • MangaCat

          If you pay attention to the plot, it is quite simple to understand ‘:D

  • Devanshu Sehgal

    Where is insidious and conjuring which are hell away scary from all movies

  • Fiona

    first time i ever watched nightmare on elm street i had to drive home in the dark and all i could hear was that song the kids sing, it freaked the shit out of me! now can watch it and not get creeped out but the remake was shite like most remakes! hw friday the 13th or halloween isnt on this list astounds me! The strangers was one of the best suspenseful horror ive seen in a long time, watched it twice and even the 2nd tme when i knew what was coming i was still shitless!! Films like the shining i enjoy but they wouldnt scare me id consider it more of a thriller than a horror, Films like dawn of the dead, other zombie flicks or monster horrors will have me jumping when I watch them initially but the films that really creep me out are either possession flicks where you see people go from being normal to complete psychos or really the ones that could be possible and keep me thinking after like the strangers, silence of the lambs or even texas chainsaw masacre because we know there are fucked up people and cannibals and serial killers out there…its those films that really get to me!! One film I think a lot of people never put on lists like this but for some reason I have always found scary is Wrong turn…i havnt watched any of the sequels but the original the first time ii saw it scared the crap out of me!

  • LinkandTingle

    Is “The Blair witch project” that scary?

    • Lilly

      Nope i watched with my 8 year old sister. It sucked

    • CharlieS

      No…I saw it and thought it was quite hokie. Never could figure out why audiences were so scared by this movie. Only thing I can guess was the pre-movie hype that was used to market it and present it as real events.

  • Vance

    I Spit on Your Grave was pretty messed up. Scared me. Even the recent remake.

  • pinguhash

    ‘Orphange'[French] for some awesome story and hair-raising twist.
    ‘Audition'[Japanese] or other Takeshi Mike movies for creepiest horror.
    ‘A tale of two sisters'[Korean].

    Most of the movies listed in main post are pussies compared to the horror movies what I saw.

  • cankles_mccellulite

    how someone could see regan do that spiderwalk and not get seriously creeped out is beyond me…

  • Joshl13

    wth that was sad not scary.

  • Iamthereal

    I swear paranormal activity was literally a 1 hour blog, such a dissapointment

  • Richard Kev

    You left off “The Descent”. Much scarier than half the movies on this list. In liked the Sixth Sense a lot, but it wasn’t scary or creepy.

    • Desiree Jacobs

      I kept waiting for the descent to appear on this list. Definitely in my top three scariest of all time.

    • stef Winchester

      The descent gave me so many nightmares

      • meher

        it was waste of time

    • Bonita

      That movie was soo scary, The Descent 2 was scary too!!

  • Candace Taylor

    Listen i aint never met a person scared of the exorcist or blair Witch them are without a dout some cheap ass boring movies really one girl head spins and one nose runs if that shit scare you than you need not to watch scary movies at all i seen blair witch at the movies and it was wack as hell a rip off and the exorcist even worst Please dont give these corny ass movies spots they dont at all deserve come on yall this is america not fairy fairy land


      Your grammar is scary. You make me want to pulverize you with a dictionary

    • johnny henry

      99% of the people who have seen The Exorcist found it terrifying. Who cares that there are a few people who say, “oh it’s not scary at all!”. Half of them are full of it and wouldn’t watch the movie alone in the dark. Why are they so intent on saying it doesn’t have any effect on them? Such fearlessness! lol.

      But like Aaron below commented your writing is more scary than a real life plane crash.

    • CharlieS

      Please, go back to grammar school and learn “grammar”.

  • Abhishek Das

    Guyz lets share names of movies that we like
    My some of the bests are-
    1_ insidious 1&2
    3_evil dead (original)
    4_the amityville horror

    • Ben La Fontaine

      James Wan rocks!

      • Ana Rodrigues

        Totally!!! I love him and his movies <3

    • CharlieS

      Sinister should be on any scariest list.

    • williamc9

      yep mine too plus more,,

  • Desiree Jacobs

    So what was the “nothing” that ripped the guys teeth and tongue out to steal his voice and then leave them wrapped in a bloody piece of his shirt? Must have been those dang mountain squirrels.

  • Yashaswi

    Conjuring is the best for paranormal lovers because it is scariest movie if seen fully and its not in the list

  • Ty Columbia

    Sinister is my number 1

  • Tracy Cates

    drag me to hell had parts that where scary and gross and as far as blood and gore the hostel/saw/final destinations should be sufficient…..still a matter of what scares you

  • Murtaza Indipendent

    THE EXORCIST scared the hell out of me nightmare on elm street is boring. A moron with un cut nails

  • Kalpesh R Patil

    Evil dead
    I like this horror movie

  • Kassy

    Agreed… The Exorcist is just not scary anymore, it may have been in 1973, but not anymore. Same goes for most of the other flicks on the list. But I still find Alien a tense chiller.

    • KG

      Most people who waffle that nonsense “The Exorcist isn’t scary … pffft” can’t get through it alone. Even when they have seen it before. Actually try it some night, test yourself, it’s genuinely disturbing.

      • johnny henry

        100% correct on that. Most of these people just like to be contrarians. I had a few friends tell me this only to find out from their family members they are terrified of the movie. My ex girlfriend used to say this until I challenged her to watch it alone in the dark. Halfway through the film she had to shut it off and leave the room.

      • Erik Tilosius

        I’ve watched the exorcist alone and i mostly sat laughing at it, the decent and the grudge however is a bit more chilling.

      • degeule

        I agree. Especially the first part with the scene in the desert and the site of excavation

      • Shi

        Just because some people find a certain subgenre of horror frightening doesn’t mean other people would. It’s probably easier to find demonic possession scary if you’re Christian, or you believe in that stuff. I have watched so many possession and Christian-horror movies now (alone- including The Omen and The Exorcist), and I’m yet to be scared by any of these. I find ghosts, psychological horror/creepiness way more scary (e.g. The Descent, Lake Mungo, The Others).

        • CharlieS

          You mean to tell me Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Buddist, Sikhs, and atheists are not scared by things that “possess” you. Please! Demonic possession movies still rule. Due to the immediate overkill to produce more movies along the Exorcist theme, to out scare audiences, we have all become desensitized to them and the effect has not been quite the same since. When the Exorcist was released in 1973, it was the 1st of its kind (and believe me people were very SCARED) It really started the horror genre we know today. After 43 years and counting, give the movie its due. Without it, we may not have had this discussion.

  • Flynn

    There are some good “staples” in here — but even those aren’t truly terrifying. “The Shining” and “The Sixth Sense” are more suspense than horror at all (still awesome movies, but top 12 creepiest horror movies ever? Come on.) And “Poltergeist” didn’t scare anyone.
    Will check out “Hellraiser”, though, looks interesting! c: “Quarantine” (and “REC”) are some good, fun action-horror movies, btw!

  • Roman Teterin

    Unless you watch them alone in the dark. ))

  • NXTFan

    The 6th sense isn’t that scary, but it’s freaking awesome. That ending tho.

  • morgan

    I would imagine that “scary” is subjective. My top 5 scariest films (for different reason):
    1) Martyrs (breathtaking and frightening)
    2) Island of Lost Souls (Charles Laughton, ’nuff said)
    3) The Exorcist (a classic)
    4) The Mist
    5) The Thing (John Carpenter)
    As you can see, ‘scary’ is all relative.
    1) Existential horror
    2) Science horror
    3) Supernatural horror
    4) Sci-fi Horror
    5) Alien horror
    Honorable mention: To put in at least one ‘slasher’ film, I would suggest Wolf Creek.
    and “The Descent” is good for ‘spelunker horror.’

  • Fahad Khokhar. (FK).

    My top 7 horror movies
    1).Insidious 1,2,3.
    3).Dead Silence
    4).Coming soon

    • Ben La Fontaine

      you are righ! James Wan know how to make people scary

  • Wackford Squeers

    Martyrs (2008)

  • jade

    GOD !!! i watch scary movies so i can sleep 🙂 not at alllll scary

  • Devd

    Exorcist is very classic movie made in 1973 at that time it is very appreciating to make such movies
    All other horror movies had copied from it.

  • Megumi

    why should i watch those USA version of asian horror movies? i will watch the original movie. USA people always feels the need to do the movie themselves, as if they can’t stand other languages..

    • porkchopexpress


  • Gigi

    I think “The Babadook” is a great one to watch…. I was surprised to find it on Netflix. People who suffered great loss will be able to relate to it… Had me peeking through my fingers the first time I watched it….. scared the crap out of me…LOL

  • Gigi

    Anyone ever seen “Beyond the Door”? Similar to the Exorcist… I think it was made around the same time. That Movie scarred me for life.

  • uwatm8

    Hardly any of these movies are remotely scary to anyone above the age of 12

  • Dan Brown

    How is “IT” number 9? That was a very well thought out movie!

  • Lucius Dark

    The “Top 10 Scariest Movies” lists printed by all newspapers, magazines, and web sites should be retitled “Top 10 scariest movies for people who haven’t seen many scary movies.” I have a collection of nearly 40,000 scary movies from all over the world. I consider myself an expert on the subject.

    My Top 30 Scary Movies of all time in no particular order

    Quatermass and the Pit (1967)

    Something Evil (1972)

    Altered (2006)

    Hellraiser (1987)

    Event Horizon (1997)

    Trilogy of Terror (1975)

    The Stone Tape (1972)

    The Ring (2002)

    Prince of Darkness (1987)

    The Sentinel (1977)

    The Legend of Hell House (1973)

    It! aka Curse of the Golem (1967)

    Phantasm (1979)

    Silent Hill (2006)

    Children of the Damned (1964)

    Shadow of the Hawk (1976)

    The Hole (2009)

    The Demon Murder Case (1983)

    The Keep (1983)

    Don’t be Afraid of the Dark (1973)

    Dr. Faustus (1967)

    Equinox (1970)

    Kwaidan (1964)

    Nightbreed (1990)

    Race with the Devil (1975)

    The Ninth Gate (1999)

    Donnie Darko (2001)

    Poltergeist (1982)

    The Exorcist (1973)

    Eyes of Fire (1983)

    Little Otik aka Greedy Guts (2000)

    The Manitou (1978)

    Evil Dead II (1987)

    • FlyingSpaghetti

      Expert. Yeah, sure.
      And of all the films you mentioned, “Begotten” is out and “Donny Darko” is in, because of a rabbit costume.

      Sheesh, if you consider yourself an expert because you searched all the “top-xx lists” of the media and have 40k movies (actually impossible), then I consider myself a horror movie savant from actually seeing all of them (yes, even from the silent era).

      • Lucius Dark

        Yes I am an expert. Begotten is at best an art piece and at worst a disturbing movie – it is not scary at all. If you like watching slashing, torture, and disembowelment I would recommend watching an autopsy in person. You probably want the most horrific disturbing movie that actually has a plot and story line I would recommend you watch Salo. Not only senseless murder but orgies, S&M, and eating excrement at a fancy dinner. For those who think such things are “scary”.

        • rajgodda

          cannibal holocast

    • thanks!

    • QuamarRaza

      are all the movies based on paranormal activities??

  • Biji M.

    “[The Sixth Sense] is about as scary as a kitten.” – Carl B M Tatham – – – Yeah, it’s placement on a “12 creepiest” list does not really bode well for the other entries… I mean, are we gonna get bogus shlock of that era like “THIR13EN GHOSTS” or, God FORBID – the “House on Haunted Hill” ’99 re-make?? Because in my mind, ‘Sixth Sense’ is absolutely superior as far as any “creepy” factor is concerned. That, and it’s a legitimately great, expertly crafted Ghost Story – a real classic. The amount of sheer talent behind the camera, as well as in front of it…exhilarating. An IMDB 10/10

  • Biji M.

    you’re putting “It” on there?? You are letting your nostalgia for the thing dictate it’s placement. Watch the silly thing again! I’ll wait!! Nearly -every- aspect of this cornball production has “Made for T.V.” written ALL over it; effects that are in no way Special, acting is (at times) Z-grade, PLUS the thing’s script is just about as confusing and unwieldy as the Stephen King TOME it’s adapted from.

    Of COURSE Mr. Curry’s Pennywise the Dancing Clown is a comical performance for the ages… EASILY on par with his equally gonzo work in ‘Rocky Horror’ and all… But to place this on a “creepiest” List!?? I mean – Pennywise is a character of high, ABSURD comedy! His taunting of the Ben character in The Library, astride a second-storey railing, brandishing a ratchet noisemaker while yelling at the top of his lungs…It’s HYSTERICAL!! and the fact that nobody else can see or hear any of the wacky stuff going down – haha, especially those blood-filled balloons…! – is only further fuel for comedy. (However… I DO have to assume that at least SOME parts of this camp classic were meant to be legitimately disturbing or creepy, right guys??)

  • Joseph Greetham

    exorcist is plain boring

    • Aila Vamsi

      me too

      i want to be scared but untill i did’nt get the mv to scare my self
      can you give a few names of full scarey movie

      • Pauline

        Try wathching a movie 2014 The Conjuring, makes The Exorcist (not scary) look like an episode of Playschool.

  • Adrijana Radosevic

    I… acknowledge this movie (Texas Chainsaw Massacre) for what it felt like when I was a kid. 20 years ago.
    Today… it just doesn’t hold up.

  • HorrorBuff

    Exactly. Everything’s all about the graphics and effects now but has a crap story line that doesn’t catch you or draw you in to feel the fear that the characters feel. I mean, graphics are great and all but the older horror movies definitely have more feel to them and get to your thoughts.

  • Adam Qureshi

    I would actuallky ad them rather replace and make it 14 kinda list,,, By the way, I still havent understood what is great about the shining and im still clueless about the suspense in the shining lol. watched it so many times that im done trying to understand its greatness…

    • Jere Ahvenus

      Well the book is an amazing reading experience. Just read it at night and reeeally get in to it. Just wonderful. But the movie… It’s horrible.. Even Stephen King hates it.. (true story)

  • bigking

    i agree with Davis

  • Tammy Hessler-Groves

    I am floored that Amityville Horror (the original) hasn’t been on ANY list. That movie scared the ever-loving hell out of me!

  • KG

    Nonsense. It’s one of the creepiest movies of all time bar none. I find that people who say what you have, either never seen it, never watched it alone, or just try to put on a front. It’s silly.

    • johnny henry

      Hit the nail right on the head.

  • Wicket

    Little arrogant to think your list would be better.

  • Jon Luc Hutmacher

    Non of these movies are scary at all, not a single one. In-fact if it wasn’t for me having coulrophobia I wouldn’t have even jumped at the movie “it” yet do to my bizarre and odd fear I did in-fact jump a little but besides that, absolutely nothing from any of them in-fact most of them are actually quite hilarious.

    • johnny henry

      Fine if you don’t find these movies scary, but to say they’re quite hilarious belies you’re true feelings. None of these movies have any truly comic elements. Satire maybe, but not hilarity.

  • johnny henry

    Insidious is cheesy. It’s about as scary as a childhood nightmare. You may not like the Exorcist, but to say it’s boring is ridiculous. Most people who exaggerate like this about the exorcist are actually disturbed by the movie.

    • ayush

      Yes insidious should be there

  • johnny henry

    The characters don’t need to be sympathetic for the movie to be effective. That said it’s hard to see how someone couldn’t feel sympathetic toward the terrified little kid Danny in the movie.

  • johnny henry

    August Underground is one of the worst films ever made. It was shot on the cheap with the belief that this would make it seem realistic. But it failed miserably. No storyline, bad acting, and about as subtle as a car crash. It’s poorly done repulsive trash. Buried is a good film although the classic French thriller, Spoorloos (The Vanishing), which it kind of ripped off and has a similar theme does a much better job. Dog Soldiers was one of the better werewolf films up there with An American Werewolf in London. Dawn of the Dead wasn’t good or bad because of the of the makeup effects. If you’re looking for great zombie makeup effects you’re missing what made the film great. That said the helicopter semi decapitation scene was a great effect. One of the elements of the 2004 version that made it good was the shopping mall setting. But this was taken directly from the original. The difference being though it’s inclusion by Romero was to enhance the satire element of blind zombie like consumerism. The satire of and social commentary in Romeros film give it depth that to many make it more interesting and thoughtful. This was completely dropped in the remake. The other major difference that works in favor of the original is it’s sense of an epic scope. That their is something deeper and apocalyptic going on and on a worldwide basis. 2004 Dawn has alot to recommend it, but it wouldn’t even exist without the original obviously. I like both, but considering the satiric and social elements and some key scenes which are horrific (the transformation of the Roger character to a zombie for example) despite the dated makeup effects the original is better in my view. As far as remakes Buried is in essence a remake of a classic French thriller. For a good foreign horror film with a good remake check out Let the Right One In and its remake Let Me In.

  • I like conjuring the most.. Annabelle Also

  • thewitchmaker

    Ugh. IT shouldn’t be on here. It’s an insult to anyone who’s ever actually read the damn book. that 3-hour runtime somehow manages to barely capture a third of the full story.

    The only way you’d be able to make a full movie adaptation is with a LOTR-sized trilogy.

    also, the spider is waaaaaaaaay too small. IT is supposed to be at least 10 times that size.

  • degeule

    I thought the same when I first saw it. and it wasn’t in the least bit scary

  • Jere Ahvenus

    You shouldn’t watch this alone because they are mostly so horrifyingly boring you might die of boredom! Well the grudge was quite creepster back when I was younger tho.

  • Kairo (Pulse) the original.
    Eraserhead (saw in University and I was freak out for days. So weird).
    Ringu (Ring)
    Many more but now i am too scared to write them.

  • Rick Cooley

    The Omen shoulda been on this list! I watched all three of the original trilogy by myself. I was spooked, to say the least!! I remember watching “The Final Conflict”, where Damien is all grown up, and gathering his diabolical flock. I had chills up and down my spine, hair on my neck standing on end, etc. It was quite an experience. Any movie that features the devil, demons, witches, and other scary beings are the scariest. The movies that feature humans that are doing the killings are not as scary! I believe the first Paranormal Activity shoulda been on this list!! The new horror movie The Witch is in theatres. It is supposed to be pretty spooky. Cannot wait till summer when it comes out on DVD/BR.

  • Rick Cooley

    Sooo glad Phantasm was put on this list! Truly a creepy thing, a movie dealing with mortuaries, cemetaries, corpses, caskets, etc. Yikes!!

  • Frederic Prudent Bourgain

    To every horror movie fan, you should really give a try to “Last Shift”. Don’t get repulse by it sh*tty cover & trailer, this one is a damn masterpiece & you won’t be desapointed. Best horror film i’ve seen in a very long while

  • Richardson

    U should include The Conjuring & Insidious which r hell lot scary …

  • Ryz

    those old movies are damn scary, the likes of the exorcist, the shining, poltergeist, nightmare on elm street, but the new ones are scary to, blair witch project, the ring, paranormal activity

  • Alex

    What about Conjuring.

  • markiv

    DELIVER US FROM EVIL is a must watch horror.

  • deicide

    what about “in the mouth of madness”? not scary one but definitely disturbing.
    oh there’s also “naked lunch”…

  • MJ

    guyz…….u all must watch “MAMA” movie….this movie is the real actual horror movie……n a bit emotional.

  • yeh!!!its really horror.

  • Brooke

    The exorcist is the scariest because all them things can actually happen. If you don’t believe me then watch the conjuring .(I Love that movie .)

  • Rohit sinha

    Wrong turn is the scariest

  • Mayank

    Sinister(2012) is the most under rated horror movie ever it still gave me nightmare 😨

  • Terry

    Some of the scariest movies ever made were actually made for television, not the big screen, but they’re so obscure that many below a certain age don’t even know about them. How about Richard Matheson’s Dead of Night? The last of the three tales, “Bobby” is the scariest thing I have ever seen on film, some 40 years after it was made. Speaking of that title, the original (British) Dead of Night (which has nothing to do with the Matheson film) is downright creepy too.

    Many of the films on these list have a lot of gore, but how much horror (i.e. terror) do they have? There is a difference.

  • yeh!!!its really horror.

  • Arjun jaxx

    Guyz u all must watch a Horror film called Evil dead 2013 awesome remake. the best horror film I’ve ever watched

  • Victor

    I feel this list was compiled by an easily scared 12-year-old. None of these are even remotely scary by today’s standards.

  • Heather

    Whoever wrote this article clearly hasn’t seen Stephen King’s It, or if they have they have a really crap memory of it. The scene with Georgie is not the opening scene of the movie, and Georgie isn’t killed while his brother watches. His brother Bill is in bed sick, and Georgie goes out to play all by himself. Would it have killed this person to do their homework before writing the article? Apparently so.