Top 12 creepy horror movies that you shouldn’t watch alone


Do you love to be creeped out by a horror movie that can send shivers down your spine? After you work your way through this list of terrifying horror flicks, you might regret answering yes to that question.

Here are the 12 scariest horror movies of all time.

1. The Exorcist

The Exorcist is a classic horror movie, and for a good reason.

This story of an innocent little girl possessed by an evil demon has been captivating audiences since the movie’s release in 1973.

You won’t forget the image of the child’s possessed face, or her unnatural body positions, including the famous revolving head scene.

The claustrophobic nature of the setting – an ordinary family home – adds to the creepiness of the situation. It also helps that the acting is superb.

Expect to be scared silly by this creepy horror flick, which has been making audiences afraid to sleep alone for more than forty years.

“The Exorcist” is based on the terrifying novel by William Peter Blatty that has spawned a total of five movies. However, none can compare to the original which was nominated for 10 Academy Awards.

Even without the help of special effects, the film is thoroughly convincing and contains some truly heart-stopping moments that terrify even the toughest horror fans.

The infamous spider walk scene where Regan descends the stairs in a contorted position was cut from the original movie. This was because the strings holding the actress up were clearly visible onscreen. The strings were removed using computer software later on, and the scene was included in the film’s rerelease.

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  • Lilu

    I accept with the list, but with two little exceptions. Ring and Ju-on was a lot scarier than the american version. It’s of course a matter of taste.

    • lilith

      I agree – also having Hiroyuki Sanada in the original Ring ;)

    • Remittance Girl

      I agree. Far, far scarier than the American remakes. American horror films need to try and explain things. Japanese narrative doesn’t require that. Far more chilling.

  • myname

    The list was cool…I saw most of those movies…The Ring creeping me out the most of all…I love movies and books of all kinds..That is why I love these type of sites with the lists etc…I consider myself a movie buff as well as a book buff (lol). I find new movies to see from these sorts of site. With that being said, Phantasm is the only movie on the list that I have not seen. IT I try to forget because I am afraid of clowns and may b IT is why lol. What gets me about horror movie critics, buffs etc is the love for the two movies I have watched more than once just to see if I could learn to appreciate them. These two movies seem to be on almost every type of horror movie list. The Night of The Living Dead and Texas Chainsaw Massacre. I love old movies…I grew up with Freddy/Jason and Mike (still deathly afraid of Mike). Texas Chainsaw is not scary to me, I have watched it many times and it is just ordinary and kind of stupid. I actually prefer the remake(dodging objects people are throwing at me after reading that). The Night of Living Dead is so stupid! It is not scary at all, BUT I will add that I am not a big fan of zombie movies (probably the only type of horror I can do with out). There are about 2 or 3 that I actually like. Overall zombies, not scary at all. This is why I am one of the few people who watch The Walking Dead. I tried watching it..the entire first season and some of the second but I can’t…it is just so stupid to me.

  • hubert

    blair witch project….the most stupid and boring movie i ever saw.

    • Des Malone

      In the last scene when the one guy was in the corner – what exactly was he doing? I thought she saw him peeing by he wall, then she tripped and fell, dies. ;-P I had to get online and wiki it to see WTF it was I’d just watched.

  • Jose Ignacio

    I went to the cinema with my girlfriend to watch the Grudge and we had to leave cause she couldn’t stand it, she actually hated horror movies. So I went alone some days after, the good part of the story is that my brother used to work on that cinema so he allowed me have a private function so I watched the movie all alone, I have to say I enjoyed it a lot.

    • catalinda8

      Alien was the only movie I ever walked out on – too scary for me! Of course, since then, I’ve seen and enjoyed it many times. Sometimes seeing a movie with a gasping, jumping audience adds to the scare factor! :)

      • Beth Bollig

        When I was a young teenager I saw some movie that had aliens in it and I can’t remember which one it was but subconsciously it must have scared the begeezus out of me. I woke up screaming bloody murder lol my dad was almost deaf and I woke up him up. Literally, I was terrified. So with my best friend by my side we rented every alien movie that was out at the time, I’d say late 80s, and watched them. After that I wasn’t scared anymore because I knew all the ways to kill them! lol

  • Jose Ignacio

    You missed Evil Dead, one of the best horror movies ever.

    • Lee

      which one?

    • Jose Ignacio

      The original 1981 release of course.

      • Lee

        that plasticine jump eite crap, yep it was goo, last years was good, but losing arms became a cliche

  • featherknife

    I saw The Exorcist when it came out with the girl I was going out with at the time. She said she had to go to the bathroom right after the scene where Linda Blair pees on the floor, and never came back. I went to see what happened and the guy out front said she called a cab and left. She was totally freaked out before anything even happened.

    • Jesse Sikora

      Did you ever talk to her again ?

  • Matthew Anggara

    The Exorcist is bloody boring!! people exaggerate this movie way way way way way too much! Insidious is so much better than this movie!

    • Ana

      Seriously? Well, to each their own, I guess. I thought Insidious was boring. The sequel, however, was a different story.

      • lachessys

        Why doesn’t anyone ever mention the fact that insidious is a poltergeist rip off? Same basic story……they could have called it a remake and nobody would have said anything.
        Really pissed me off when I watched it.

    • kerlyndio

      Insidious movies are awesome, 2 of my favorites. But Exorcist is far from boring. All of these I would watch alone or have watched alone. Lights off of course. But, yea. To each his own. :)

    • catalinda8

      I think The Shining is one of the most boring movies of all time. I tried rewatching it recently and did not find my opinion changed. The Exorcist was shocking for its time. Now I think people are used to those kinds of scares.

      • Matthew Anggara

        I almost fell asleep during The Shining -__-‘

      • Davis

        It just means that your mind has been conditioned to accept only certain kind of criteria regarding what is scary. You nor Matthew seem to be old enough to have grown up in the era of which The Exorcist or The Shining were made. These movies fed on the psychological a sect of the human mind, which is far more scary and believable, than the all out slash films made today with all the special effects. Horror movies today suck, which is why half of them can’t garner an R-rating without resorting to massive gore to scare people. Even the original Friday the 13th movies relied more on psychology than gore, which made them light years better than the tripe being sold.

        • catalinda8

          Nah, I’m plenty old. And I love a suspenseful movie without gore. The Shining just didn’t do it for me. I didn’t find the characters sympathetic, so I didn’t really care what happened to them. On the other hand, it is light years above the typical slasher film with the dumb teenagers at some campsite… And I do like most Stephen King novels. So maybe it was just the actors that didn’t appeal to me. i still like The Exorcist (and The Omen, along the same lines).

    • Beth Bollig

      OMG I did okay with Insidious until the very end!! I won’t say what happened in case someone hasn’t seen it. I watched it at a friends house and let me tell you the drive home alone in the dark was freaky. Seriously, I was scared sh*tless for a couple weeks after I saw it!!!! I wanted to see Chapter 2 so bad but I was too scared. When I was a teenager I watched all kinds of creepy, scary, blood and gore, type movies and nothing really bothered me but as an adult I get spooked out really easily.

    • New age horror sucks

      Its the spiritual and psychological aspect of the films that make them scary, gore horror isn’t scary it’s just shocking, the true horror in film comes from atmosphere. And just because a movie lacks continuous action doesn’t make it boring, just means you need a brain and an attention span.

  • AJ75

    Blair Witch, IT = crap. Shining = Scariest movie all time.

  • Lee

    um yeah, the author loses all credibility when they write so clumsily. Is this meant to be a professional article? Ok the movies on here are crap, August underground series will put the wind up you. Grave Encounters for one is suspenseful and the last half an hour would be quite startling for most. Ignore Grave Encounters 2. Buried is outstanding, and you could describe it as a form of horror. Put yourself in the protagonists place; which the movie does nicely for you, and Buried will leave you with a grim sense of foreboding which still resonates in me when I think of it even a year after I first saw it. Outpost wasn’t too bad, and Dog Soldiers was executed so brilliantly by all involved, from writing, screenplay, editing and so forth all the way to the fine acting. The mis en scene is outstanding in both Outpost and Dog Soldiers. The best zombie movie though is the 2004 version of Dawn of the Dead. Do not dare give me that, “the 70’s version was a classic,” the 70’s version was crap, get over it. Cheesy make up, poorly acted, and horribly dated. The 2004 version of DoD is a modern horror treat if you are yet to see it. Most horror films are crap or the good ones are foreign and reading subtitles is akin to reading the newspaper at your sons sports final. You miss whats going on. Americans need to get their heads out their arses too when they remake a foreign language horror. The original was good, we want the same movie in English, we don’t want your preschooler interpretation of it which makes it look stupid. Americans as of this day 13/4/2014, have yet to do a remake justice, even having to read subtitles is better than a d grade remake, stuff it, z grade.

  • Jerry Jerry

    I can definitely agree with not watching several of these movies alone. The Grudge, The Ring, but especially Blair Witch, and Poltergeist. Not because they are scary, but because you will need someone to talk to, or play Tiddly-Winks with, or maybe go out to eat and have a few while these movies play back at home on your TV. The Grudge and The Ring are two of the most over rated horror movies of all time, they are not even in the same class as The Exorcist. The Blair Witch Project is about as scary as a Gettysburg Tourist digital photograph full of artifacts, bugs and dust (Orbs to you Ghost Hunters), and Poltergeist is more along the lines of White Noise, a decent movie with a cartoonish ending.

  • Gary Cangemi

    You want creepy? Watch the 1972 Robert Mulligan film, The Other. This film is all but forgotten but it will leave you very disturbed.

  • BigDogMom

    Saw the original Nightmare on Elm Street as a teen. Went with my two BF and we were up all night. Too scared to sleep. Slumber Party…. No slumber LOL
    Im a fan of Stephen King and the books always scared me more. I have a clown phobia so “Pennywise” Oh hell no!

  • Holly

    I don’t think ive watched any of these with anyone, and saw them all at a very young age, and honestly more than half of these aren’t creepy ay all

  • dawnmomofreed

    i waqs pregnant when i saw the ring im a huge horror fans so no biggie really.. yeah i cant watch any horror movies anymore and had nightmares for weeks after this one..

  • dawnmomofreed

    me too to both..

  • dawnmomofreed

    howcan Halloween 1 and 2 not be on this list.. still have to watch with alight on…nadnit read thr book its the sacriest flipping thing ever!!

  • Ramal Samoth

    can someone please explain to me how is this tripe the blair witch project considered horror or scary or creepy? it was just a stupid movie about them being lost in the woods and running from nothing.

    • John Johnson

      You’re stupid

  • Ancient

    Kind of a hit and miss list here… I was glad to see the staples mentioned: “The Exorcist”, “The Shining”; happy to see some rarely both worthy mentions: “Phantasm”, “Hellraiser”; but I would replace “The Grudge” and “Blair Witch” with “Alien” and “The Thing” (1982)

    • Timotayo

      There are movie experiences that really stick with people, when one gets caught up in the group experience. “Alien” was THE monster movie that did it for me. It was so gripping the entire audience shrieked and jumped at the same moments. No one chatted or fiddled with popcorn because a couple hundred people were glued to something was unlike anything we had ever seen before, a truly new kind of fright. When the lights came up, the whole theatre erupted in cheers, applause, gasps of “Oh, my God! Can you believe that?!”

  • ToneeRhianRose

    I watch scary movies by myself all the time & I never get nightmares. The only movie that scares me now is Arachnophobia. The Gate used to scare me as a kid, but not now.

  • people_are_scary

    Heather O’Rourke did not die of complications arising from surgery. She died of cardiac arrest and septic shock caused by a misdiagnosed intestinal abnormality.

  • thrillseeker

    Strangers was scary as heck in the sense that its incredibly possible and just messed up. Pontypool is very erie and just made me feel creeped out afterwards for a few days. 30 Days of Night, in the dark and alone will probably creep you the freak out but I am sure you’ve seen that.

  • Carl B M Tatham

    The 6th sense? Fucking lol! That movie is about as scary as a kitten.

  • rebecca

    I AGREE aLIEN WAS IS TERRIFYING saw it in theater at 13 could not sleep for a month still scares the crap out of me blair witch just makes me nauseous]

  • rebecca

    also i think “in the mouth of madness
    not a great movie but i can not watch this alone real scary parts

  • Draya Personpersonperson

    None of these movies made me scared. They were awesome but not scary for me.

  • Elmo

    The Shining does nothing for me. Maybe because Nicholson goes completely off his rocker so soon after the beginning of the movie. Had it taken more time for him to become a homicidal maniac I think I’d have liked it more. I’ve also seen The Exorcist a couple of times and that one has kind of lost its edge for me, too. Then again, “possession” movies aren’t really my cup of tea.

  • Claire

    Poltergeist isn’t scary, got bored of The Blair Witch Project so I turned it off :/ I can watch A Nightmare on Elm Street in bed on my own in the dark because it isn’t scary. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre was a disappointment. IT the film wasn’t scary but that clown is bloody scary, I have a huge fear of clowns but was actually bored of the film… I used to be scared of The Ring until I watched both of them, they are far from scary however The Grudge I refuse to watch it, far too scared :o The Evil Dead remake should be on here, that was scary!

  • chloe

    Guys ! “Paranormal activity Was SCARY It Scared The Beans out Of Me :DDD

  • Non Natsumi

    I watch “The Witch Project” It’s scary but at the end It’s very confusing me…..who’s screaming??????? and who’s that standing there not doing anything and then they just drop their camera…….I-:…and tomorrow, I go to school….I’ll always thinking about what that’s ghost look like maybe like a child???????………..AAAAAAAA…………. I DON’T KNOW…..It’s scary tho….(:

    • Eric Perkins

      The camera person is screaming because she now sees the blair witch (presumably very scary) the person standing in the corner (the way the old guy described how the witch killed the children) was the other cameraman, and she drops the camera precisely because the witch is now killing and eating her. Simple.

      • Non Natsumi

        how did u know that???? but thanks it’s confusing me before and know I’m OK thanks a lot to u ;)

  • Devanshu Sehgal

    Where is insidious and conjuring which are hell away scary from all movies

  • Fiona

    first time i ever watched nightmare on elm street i had to drive home in the dark and all i could hear was that song the kids sing, it freaked the shit out of me! now can watch it and not get creeped out but the remake was shite like most remakes! hw friday the 13th or halloween isnt on this list astounds me! The strangers was one of the best suspenseful horror ive seen in a long time, watched it twice and even the 2nd tme when i knew what was coming i was still shitless!! Films like the shining i enjoy but they wouldnt scare me id consider it more of a thriller than a horror, Films like dawn of the dead, other zombie flicks or monster horrors will have me jumping when I watch them initially but the films that really creep me out are either possession flicks where you see people go from being normal to complete psychos or really the ones that could be possible and keep me thinking after like the strangers, silence of the lambs or even texas chainsaw masacre because we know there are fucked up people and cannibals and serial killers out there…its those films that really get to me!! One film I think a lot of people never put on lists like this but for some reason I have always found scary is Wrong turn…i havnt watched any of the sequels but the original the first time ii saw it scared the crap out of me!

  • LinkandTingle

    Is “The Blair witch project” that scary?