Top 10 Creepiest Curses Of Hollywood


Most Hollywood productions are about the action, the glamour or the romance. But sometimes Hollywood, for one reason or another, gets more creepy than cool.

That’s especially true for these movies that were seemingly cursed from the start.

1. “The Crow”: The Curse of the Deadly Leading Man

Famed actor and martial artist Bruce Lee died at the young age of 33- supposedly a curse from an angry Chinese businessman.

So we found it even more chilling when his son, Brandon, also was killed filming the cult movie “The Crow” at age 28.

“The Crow” already had a creepy premise that goes something like this: Thugs kill a rock musician named Eric and a crow resurrects him from the dead to avenge his murder and the murder of his love.

The story was taken from a comic book series and features a decidedly gothic-looking lead character, which Lee played.

It was 1993, and Lee was filming a scene where his character Eric walks into his apartment to discover criminals beating his girlfriend. One of the criminals was to shoot at Lee as he enters. In most movie scenes, real bullets are replaced with blanks, which are dummy cartridges that contain no bullet powder or percussion caps that cause the bullet to explode.

However, movie prop people left the percussion caps in the revolver and fired it a few times for practice. One of these practice bullets became lodged in the gun (creepy, right?) unbeknownst to the prop crew. While they switched out the remaining bullets for blanks, the scene was filmed and the trapped bullet discharged, fatally wounding Lee in the stomach. Note to self: do not become cursed by a Chinese businessman.

  • ccostly

    Interesting stuff. Had to google a few people that this article brought up and re-sparked my interest.

  • Michael Skok

    I don’t know what kind of people those actors were who played Superman, but the name itself is anti-God. Only God is Superman. Only God has powers and abilities far beyond those of mortal men, to change the course of mighty rivers, and bend steel in His bare hands.

    God has a way of humbling the proud and lifting the humble. Any actor who plays Superman had better not let this role get into his head. He ought to go before God on his knees and say, “It’s just a role. I am nothing but a piece of dirt. Dust I am, and unto dust shall I return.”

    God is true while the concept of Superman is a lie. How can a being acquire x-ray vision, heat vision, super hearing, super strength, and indestructibility just by moving from a large planet that orbits a red sun to a small planet that orbits a yellow sun? When Kal-el of Krypton lands on earth, the only thing he would acquire is severe muscle loss from the long trip in weightlessness, and a very bad case of the bends.