Most Hilarious Movie Insults


Actors have uttered some of the most scathing insults ever heard and usually manage to look good whilst doing so. Domineering bosses, love rats and scorned women have all let rip on unsuspecting targets in thousands of different movies.

The bad guy can often be the most memorable character onscreen, and the following movie insults will certainly stick in our minds for many years to come.

1. Full Metal Jacket

“Did your parents have any children that lived?” R. Lee Ermey’s monologue in “Full Metal Jacket” is loaded with great put-downs.

This one is quick and to the point. The vast majority of Ermey’s dialogue is loaded with so many expletives and curse words that it would make a sailor blush.

“Full Metal Jacket” marked Stanley Kubrick’s triumphant return to filmmaking after a seven-year break.

As with most of Kubrick’s films, the movie received critical acclaim and even earned the director an Academy Award nomination. R. Lee Ermey originally joined the film as an advisor due to the fact that he had extensive experience working as a drill sergeant during the Vietnam War.

Ermey asked Kubrick if he could audition for the role as Sergeant Hartman. After Kubrick claimed that he was too soft for the role, Ermey presented Kubrick with a video of himself firing off 15 minutes of continuous insults at Royal Marine Troops whilst onlookers pelted him with fruit and tennis balls.

Ermey kept up a barrage of eye-watering abuse without pausing for a second or repeating himself. Kubrick immediately gave the part to Ermey and even allowed him to improvise most of his dialogue.