15 Movie Mistakes You Might Have Missed

Arnold Schwarzenegger


Continuity editors have the hugely important task of spotting mistakes in the film editing process that distract from the storyline.

Watching an action movie where the main character is bloody and battered one minute and then somehow makes a full recovery by the next scene can be extremely frustrating for movie fans.

Other mistakes such as wayward cameramen or digital watches in WWI epics can spoil an otherwise terrific movie, so an entire team is usually hired to scan each and every movie before it is unleashed on the public.

Despite the precautions, mistakes often find their way into the final edit, and the following 15 errors have become a part of movie history.

1. The Commando Magical Car

“Commando” helped Arnold Schwarzenegger to become one of the premier action heroes of the day, but someone was off having lunch when it came to approving the film continuity. In one scene, Arnold’s character drives a Porsche that gets bashed in while chasing the bad guy. In the next scene the camera swings around, only to show a perfect, undamaged side of the same car.

This often happens in films due to the director shooting multiple takes. Because one vehicle is damaged during the first take, for example, it has to be replaced with a new vehicle for the second.

However, the vehicle from the second take was evidently damaged in a different way from the first, creating the continuity error. Despite the glaring continuity error, “Commando” went on to become a cult classic and was the 7th highest grossing movie of 1985.

The entire film was shot in just 45 days which is impressive considering there were 54 different stunt performers involved in making the action packed classic. After securing his place as one the greatest action heroes of all time, Arnold Schwarzenegger went on to rule California from 2003 until 2011.

  • Geek0id

    Mass produced inexpensive sunglasses where introduced in 1929, Colored lenses in glasses are older then that, like 12th century China old.

  • Liz in CA

    “We may have missed” the Stormtrooper! Jeez, been laughing at that since 1977!

  • Robynne Catheron

    Don’t forget the scene where Julia Roberts’ character is out to dinner (in that famous black dress). After the slippery-snails scene is dessert, green ice cream. Julia’s dish is in front of her, then it’s not, then it is.

  • Daddie Tang

    Remember in the John wayne western while the cowboys are ambushed by Apache Indians up on a hill, if you look to the right, you see a jet airliner high overhead. And the 4 white contrails in the sky. I read once the plane was a united airlines coming out of Las Vegas , and the movie was shot on the edge of the Grand Canyon, flight path of the Vegas airport.

  • buzzer7

    Being “cool” trumps reality! Just ask the dope’s that voted for Barry!

    • melindamoore

      The reality: unemployment down, economy growing instead of shrinking, DADT gone, bin Laden dead, no warnings ignored allowing the deaths of 3000 Americans, auto industry saved, Iraq war ended, support for veterans increased, and the deficit cut by more than half. The reality is not trumped by being cool. The reality IS cool.

      • a guy with common sence

        when you wake up to find that none of that is true. keep dreaming. thats why minimum wages is increasing cuz the value of american dollar is so high right? when the shade is lifted… SMH

    • BETTY

      what does your comment have to do with movie mistakes? are you trolling, obviously. get a clue einstein

  • crazy2medic

    Scene in lord of the rings, I believe the first one way back in the background on a hill you see a white car driving on a road

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  • implausiblecause

    you missed in october sky when homer is walking down the road and is carrying his box of things and his friends get a ride from a truck and meet him and at first a poster of some sort is sticking out the top right of his crate and it shows his friends and then turns back to him and its in the bottom left. ALSO in The Rundown with the rock in the bar the bartender is drinking orange juice when she asks him where hes from and its almost empty but then she walks around the bar and when she takes another sip its already half full when you didnt see her fill it. my point is there is little things like that in every movie and most of them are due to cuts in the scene and reshooting something or any case for that matter.

  • David Buckley

    Tinted glasses were worn during the civil war and date back to George Washington owning a pair himself. It wasn’t the most common item, they cost a lot, and it was thought that they helped those with weak eyes or those with syphillis.
    They weren’t everyday items, but they certainly existed and one can shop for a 150 year old pair of tinted glasses quite easily.

    • Dorkus Americanus

      Yeah, I’m sure Tarantino was thinking of that when he made this shit film.

  • Chuckles

    In Back To The Future I, when Marty pays a visit to George in the middle of the night as Darth Vadar from Krypton…watch the hair dryer in the belt of his yellow suit as it appears and reappears with each changing shot as he’s talking to George.

    • MileyVirus

      My favorite blooper in Back to the Future was the mysterious VCR appearing in the 1950′s; notice when Marty, in the professor’s garage, plays the professor’s VHS tape in the console….duh. He didn’t take the VHS player with him into the past/future

      • AJ75

        He plays it in the camera which he connects to the television. He DID jump into the car with the camera.

  • Ryan

    Also they used a repeating rifle that wasn’t even invented until 1883 in Djengo.

  • robertmccabe

    In the Godfather Sonny throws a punch at Carlo on his street and misses by a mile while Carlo pretends to be hit.

  • dano2112a

    In the Movie Independence day when the B2 launches a missile at the space ship, it turns one way on the screen and turns the other way on the Radar. Also, at the beginning of the showm they show a RADAR plot of the mother space ship in orbit. All around it you see Stars. A physical impossibility.

  • fibro-fog

    OK, it’s a TV movie but in several scenes from the mini-series Lonesome Dove the grey horse tamed and ridden by Call is referred to several times as a mare, but side shots of the horse reveal it is very definitely a male!

    • Tits McGee

      Well in the book it is a mare and they called her the hell bitch which I think they only say once in the movie

  • Someone8me

    Who the fuck cares??!! It’s a awesome movie.

  • Randy

    I can’t believe the semi crash scene in Terminator wasn’t mentioned. Watch the windshield as it crashes over the viaduct.

  • Dorkus Americanus

    The use of modern crap and hip-hop in oldey timey movies, photos, vintage wear, can partially be blamed on the steampunk movement. The idea seems to be based on H. G. Wells and Jules Verne time machine related fiction. So, since you’re playing with time, all gets are off when it comes to mixing up Victoian era or Wild West era clothing with modern sunglasses, music, technology, etc. I’m sure a dork like Quintin Tarantino, however, doesn’t really look too deeply into where he’s getting his ideas. He just goes with what he sees others doing and thinks its cool, learns a few key words to justify his crap movies, and runs with it. And then lots of potentially great movies get ruined by Jay-Z soundtracks and current slang.

    • ajmrowland .

      This doesn’t happen *that* often in movies though, and can sometimes actually be good to the right pair or ears. I love classic music styles and modern styles equally myself, and I personally found Jay Zs underscore and lyrics for the Great Gatsby, while understandably jarring, thematically relevant to the story and the intended feeling of the era depicted in the book.

      And besides, it wasn’t the music that wasted the potential for that film.

  • Sean

    Just saying, it takes at least thirty seconds to asphyxiate in space. Though your blood starts to boil before that.

    • Tits McGee

      Youre blood doesnt boil you die from lack of Oxygen and freezing temps.

      • AJ75

        And the fact that in a vacuum, you’d effectively explode (see Event Horizon scene). But yeah, freezing, not boiling. That’s just ridiculous.

        • Jon Gibson

          LOL, you guys are hilarious. Liquids boil at lower temperatures under lower pressure… since there’s no pressure in space, water (blood) would boil at a much lower temperature. In vacuum, you would sooner die from asphyxiation than anything else.

  • Iron Dan

    You missed the biggest one of all: Citizen Kane. His last word is “rosebud”, and the entire movie revolved around discovering the meaning, but when he died, HE WAS ALONE! Nobody heard him, so how did they know what he said? Oscar given, movie with biggest plot hole ever!

  • dweiss3

    As an antiques person I enjoy looking for anachronisms in the set designs.
    A famous one is the ball shade kerosene lamp that has come to be known as a GWTW lamp in auction advertising and antiques lingo. The letters mean Gone with the wind. The lamp could be seen in numerous scenes smack in the middle of dining room table.
    The problem is that that lamp was not yet invented at the time of the Civil War.
    That is one of the biggest errors in movie and tv sets. The first oil well was not even drilled until 1859 and it’s not like they built a refinery the next day and started producing and marketing kerosene immediately. “The kerosene age was rather brief and did not really get cooking (forgive the pun) until quite late in the 19th century.

    • sesquipedalian101

      As pertains to the particular shape, you are no doubt correct; however,
      oil-burning “hurricane” lamps (lamps with glass chimney) were invented
      in 1780. Olive oil, fish oil, whale oil, beeswax, and “coal oil”
      (kerosene distilled from “cannel coal”) all predate kerosene from crude
      oil; all were used to fuel “oil” lamps.

  • dankbubba

    Django was a total mess. The biggest mistakes were Django not being shot instantly after he shot/killed a white guy on Don Johnson’s plantation, and various “slaves” strolling around in pairs on a plantation at their leisure and not off working. I can live with sunglasses and any number of things before I’ll put up with the above and that whole blood filled water balloon gun battle.

  • Bobby

    Here’s two more: In Gladiator in the main battle( battle of Carthage)before Russel Crowes character tells everyone that he’s Maximus, his friend who only knew him as spaniard, throws a sword to him & calls him Maximus!
    In the movie A-Team, they break Murdock out of the hospital where they shoot out the front drivers tire, then pan to the next scene & the opposite tire is now blown out instead!

  • Katie Carroll

    Wrong wrong wrong. I am a civil War reenactor and have a nice pair of antique tinted glasses that date to the 1860s.

  • Mike S

    Do not the actors know the difference between what they wore or ate from scene to scene? For people who are reputed to “be” a character, shouldn’t they also remember what they did, how they did it, what they wore while doing it, and what they ate while doing it?

  • JazzieKatt

    In a walk to remember mandy moore had on two different color shoes when she ran out of the school

  • crismahn

    Notice also that most of these continuity errors are to found in modern movies where retakes of even the smallest, untaxing scene are the rule due to the inability of today’s actors and actresses to act their way thru an entire scene without hosing it up and because directors like Tarantino have no overall plan for what they want to do with a scene. They’re just making it up as they go along.

    • Hellbent

      Or the actors are drunk.

    • AJ75

      Tarantino styles his films after 70′s grindhouse and exploitation films. Anachronism is not only often incorrect, but intentional.

  • Steve Ausdahl

    On the Superman one, NASA has actually stated that people can survive for up to a minute (approx, sometimes more or a little less) when completely unprotected and exposed to the environment of space. She would not have died instantly.

  • Juvenal451

    In the Valachi Papers, Charles Bronson as the young Joe Is the driver for Al Capone. He is driving a big old-fashioned car at night. If you look closely, a Volkswagen passed them… .

  • ajmrowland .

    To be clear on one thing, the Aladdin error is still on the 2004 Platinum DVD. The new Blu-ray is taken out of that line, which is now Diamond. So now, it’s hard to tell when Aladdin will be rereleased.

    In Harry Potter, it’s easy to see blue screen reflected in the glasses and a crew member shows up in the Great Hall.

  • app_farmer

    The Jurassic Park “error” isn’t one at all. At the time, even the T-Rex’s fence was offline. The Rex plainly tested the fence and got out.

    • mbmarquis69

      Did you read the article? The error pointed out by the writer has nothing to do with whether or not the fence was electrified. It’s about the ground being solid and high enough for the T-Rex to step out of her paddock when she chomped through the fence. Yet minutes later, she pushes one of the cars over the wall (in the very same hole in the fence she bit through) and the ground on the other side is suddenly dozens of feet lower. The car falls into the top of tree. Love the movie, but that’s a pretty glaring continuity error.

  • Bob

    Was I imagining this or in GRAVITY, Bullock is working on trying to remove the parachute. While she is dressed in light spacesuit and has a helmet she has no visible means of getting oxygen. There appears to be no oxygen tank nor is she wearing the typical space walk backpack?

    • mbmarquis69

      There is an “umbilical” hose connecting her suit to the Soyuz. Presumably this is her oxygen supply.

  • jaj

    One that blows the entire plot of the movie is ‘Brewster’s Millions’ with Richard Pryor. He has to spend $30million in 30 days and have NO ASSETS remaining, but the way he gets rid of his last dollars is to give it to his girlfriend/lawyer as prepaid legal expenses (he did some things that will be getting him in trouble). A prepaid expense is an asset. Probably only accountants catch it, but it changes the whole movie, he shouldn’t have won his inheritance.

  • Eric Bryce

    In the last outdoor scene at 12 Oaks in GONE WITH THE WIND, Ashley Wilkes and Melany Hamilton are shown in profile and in close up. Between their faces, far in the distance, cars can be seen speeding along a road much faster than any vehicle would have traveled in that era.

  • Tom Mole

    Ok, here are two of my favorite flubs from the classic movie Tombstone. The first is in the scene in the salon where Doc Holliday is playing poker with Ike Clanton and the McLaurys. Doc makes fun of Ike who stands up to fight upsetting the table causing a liquor bottle to topple. As the bottle rolls off the table one of the McLaury brothers conveniently catches the prop!
    The next one occurs in the scene when Morgan Earp dies. A completely distraught Wyatt runs from the salon into the pouring rain stopping in the intersection. As the camera circles Kurt Russell you can see down each of the streets. While torrential rain soaks the ground in the intersection, the streets in the background are bone dry! Weird weather, even for Arizona.

    • AJ75

      Why would catching the bottle be a flub? I’d save the whiskey too.

  • Tom Mole

    Oh yeah, I just remembered another Tombstone classic. During the shootout a the OK Corral Doc Holliday is armed with a double barreled shotgun. As the shooting starts he fires the first round dropping Billy Clanton. As he takes aim at one of the McLaury boys Doc finds a horse in the way. Doc fires a round in the air to frighten the horse into moving, then he fires his “third” and final round at McLaury. Wait, what? “Third” round… from a double barrelled shotgun? How is that possible?

  • Proud_to_be_American

    In “Major Payne” when at dinner in a restaurant, The major “impresses?” his date with his rapid eating skills, followed by alternating camera angles of the pair sitting opposite of each other, where the Major’s plate “Magically” goes from being full to empty to full to empty to full to empty…

  • Rich

    In the 1951 version of A Christmas Carol, there is a glaring error when Scrooge wakes up all excited on Christmas morning and looks in the mirror. There is a guy sitting there in the lower left corner of the mirror. The error is so bad, that when Scrooge looks in the mirror again, the guy is still there!

  • TosserinTexas

    George of the Jungle, with Brendan Fraser, has a blooper at the beginning, when the airplane carrying the cameras to film the sweeping introduction and credits, a group of technicians are plainly visible with cameras and lights, waving their hats to the airplane flying over them….
    In the original Dracula, Bela Lugosi creeps up to his latest sleeping victim and light deflectors are seen, pinned to the bedside table lampshade. Maybe the young lady ,
    had made out her shopping list and pinned it to her lampshade as a reminder, we’ll never know.

  • Mak

    Another mistake in this movie was in the final fight. Will all those grenade kills, you can clearly see the spring boards that they jump off from.

  • Steveo

    The fight at the end of Goldfinger, there’s only SUPPOSED to be 3 people on the plane- Goldfinger, Pussy Galore and Bond. When GF opens the curtain to reveal himself there’s clearly another man in the co-pilot seat. Where does he go after the big fight?? Pretty sure this was a cameraman or whoever but it’s a flub nonetheless.

  • DefendConstitution

    I think the biggest one is in From Russia With Love. James Bond and the beautiful girl are escaping in a flat bed with the back filled with flowers. The bad guys are in a helicopter shooting at and dropping hand grenades on Bond and the girl. The explosion at the left front of the truck blackens the entire front and forces Bond to stop, assemble his rifle and climb a nearby hill and shoot down the helicopter. He returns to the bright, clean, undamaged truck, kisses the girl and they drive away. I still enjoyed the movie.