15 Movie Mistakes You Might Have Missed

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Continuity editors have the hugely important task of spotting mistakes in the film editing process that distract from the storyline.

Watching an action movie where the main character is bloody and battered one minute and then somehow makes a full recovery by the next scene can be extremely frustrating for movie fans.

Other mistakes such as wayward cameramen or digital watches in WWI epics can spoil an otherwise terrific movie, so an entire team is usually hired to scan each and every movie before it is unleashed on the public.

Despite the precautions, mistakes often find their way into the final edit, and the following 15 errors have become a part of movie history.

1. The Commando Magical Car

“Commando” helped Arnold Schwarzenegger to become one of the premier action heroes of the day, but someone was off having lunch when it came to approving the film continuity. In one scene, Arnold’s character drives a Porsche that gets bashed in while chasing the bad guy. In the next scene the camera swings around, only to show a perfect, undamaged side of the same car.

This often happens in films due to the director shooting multiple takes. Because one vehicle is damaged during the first take, for example, it has to be replaced with a new vehicle for the second.

However, the vehicle from the second take was evidently damaged in a different way from the first, creating the continuity error. Despite the glaring continuity error, “Commando” went on to become a cult classic and was the 7th highest grossing movie of 1985.

The entire film was shot in just 45 days which is impressive considering there were 54 different stunt performers involved in making the action packed classic. After securing his place as one the greatest action heroes of all time, Arnold Schwarzenegger went on to rule California from 2003 until 2011.