15 Movie Mistakes You Might Have Missed

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Continuity editors have the hugely important task of spotting mistakes in the film editing process that distract from the storyline.

Watching an action movie where the main character is bloody and battered one minute and then somehow makes a full recovery by the next scene can be extremely frustrating for movie fans.

Other mistakes such as wayward cameramen or digital watches in WWI epics can spoil an otherwise terrific movie, so an entire team is usually hired to scan each and every movie before it is unleashed on the public.

Despite the precautions, mistakes often find their way into the final edit, and the following 15 errors have become a part of movie history.

1. The Commando Magical Car

“Commando” helped Arnold Schwarzenegger to become one of the premier action heroes of the day, but someone was off having lunch when it came to approving the film continuity. In one scene, Arnold’s character drives a Porsche that gets bashed in while chasing the bad guy. In the next scene the camera swings around, only to show a perfect, undamaged side of the same car.

This often happens in films due to the director shooting multiple takes. Because one vehicle is damaged during the first take, for example, it has to be replaced with a new vehicle for the second.

However, the vehicle from the second take was evidently damaged in a different way from the first, creating the continuity error. Despite the glaring continuity error, “Commando” went on to become a cult classic and was the 7th highest grossing movie of 1985.

The entire film was shot in just 45 days which is impressive considering there were 54 different stunt performers involved in making the action packed classic. After securing his place as one the greatest action heroes of all time, Arnold Schwarzenegger went on to rule California from 2003 until 2011.

  • Geek0id

    Mass produced inexpensive sunglasses where introduced in 1929, Colored lenses in glasses are older then that, like 12th century China old.

    • raynesrock


  • Liz in CA

    “We may have missed” the Stormtrooper! Jeez, been laughing at that since 1977!

  • Robynne Catheron

    Don’t forget the scene where Julia Roberts’ character is out to dinner (in that famous black dress). After the slippery-snails scene is dessert, green ice cream. Julia’s dish is in front of her, then it’s not, then it is.

  • Daddie Tang

    Remember in the John wayne western while the cowboys are ambushed by Apache Indians up on a hill, if you look to the right, you see a jet airliner high overhead. And the 4 white contrails in the sky. I read once the plane was a united airlines coming out of Las Vegas , and the movie was shot on the edge of the Grand Canyon, flight path of the Vegas airport.

  • buzzer7

    Being “cool” trumps reality! Just ask the dope’s that voted for Barry!

    • melindamoore

      The reality: unemployment down, economy growing instead of shrinking, DADT gone, bin Laden dead, no warnings ignored allowing the deaths of 3000 Americans, auto industry saved, Iraq war ended, support for veterans increased, and the deficit cut by more than half. The reality is not trumped by being cool. The reality IS cool.

      • a guy with common sence

        when you wake up to find that none of that is true. keep dreaming. thats why minimum wages is increasing cuz the value of american dollar is so high right? when the shade is lifted… SMH

      • Kyle Prescott

        Unemployment decrease is attributable to 4 people giving up looking for work for every person who has found a job. Factoring them back in leaves you with an unemployment rate of 11.3 percent.

      • Kyle Prescott

        Economy grew at 0.1 percent rate last quater.

      • Kyle Prescott

        4 dead in Bengazi after request for additional security were denied and no help was sent during the 8 hour long attack.

      • Kyle Prescott

        General Motors has recalled more vehicles this year than they have sold in the last 5 years.

      • Kyle Prescott

        Plan to wind down the war in Iraq was devised by the Bush administration.

      • Kyle Prescott

        While funding for the Veterans’ Administration has gone up 78% since 2009, wait times for sevices have deteriorated to the point that facilities routinely fake the books so that staff can receive their bonuses. Obama informed of the problem during the transition in 2008. Nothing done since.

      • Kyle Prescott

        Oh and the wait for a veteran to be certified as eligible to receive VA benefits is now on average 375 days. Yeah, you read that right.

      • Kyle Prescott

        Oh, and 40 veterans we know of died while waiting to get an appointment.

      • Kyle Prescott

        And lastly, after increasing the annual deficit from 500 billion to 1.7 trillion, he reduces it after 5 years of trillion dollar + deficits back to where it was.
        That’s like going to a doctor with a 100 degree fever and the doctor’s treatment raises your temperature to 105 degrees but eventually reduces back to 100 degrees and you are supposed to be grateful for it?

      • Kyle Prescott

        But you are right, reality is cool. Unless you are unemployed, looking for work, have seen the value of your wages decrease more since the recession ended than during the recession, bought a GM car, live in Iraq (or anywhere in the Middle East especially if you are a Christian or Jew with all due respect to the “Arab Spring”), or are a veteran (especially a sick veteran).

      • Sheila Moore

        You’re on an ENTERTAINMENT site – why bring up politics. Go to CNN…

      • josephtoomey

        The economy is growing — at 0.1% annual rate in the last quarter. Since 2009, we have the lowest sustained GDP growth rate in post-War history. Unemployment is down — because BLS shoved 7.1 million workers out of the workforce. There are now 92 million working-age adults not in the workforce. Only one out of eleven working-age adult entrants to the population finds their way into the workforce. For every new job created, eleven people got enrolled in food stamp programs. The labor force participation rate is lower than anytime back 35 years. There are fewer people employed today than in 2008. Up to November 2013, every job created since inauguration day 2009 was for part-time work. More people are enrolled in means-tested welfare programs than work full-time for an entire year. More people get food aid than appear on private-sector payrolls. etc.

        This is really cool.

      • well, don’t you have your rose-colored glasses on!

    • BETTY

      what does your comment have to do with movie mistakes? are you trolling, obviously. get a clue einstein

    • Hoohah Comics

      You forget to mention that’s he black. I know you’re thinking it.

      • Know Fool

        HALF Black, if that.

    • What the hell does your prejudice have to do with this discussion?

  • crazy2medic

    Scene in lord of the rings, I believe the first one way back in the background on a hill you see a white car driving on a road

  • implausiblecause

    you missed in october sky when homer is walking down the road and is carrying his box of things and his friends get a ride from a truck and meet him and at first a poster of some sort is sticking out the top right of his crate and it shows his friends and then turns back to him and its in the bottom left. ALSO in The Rundown with the rock in the bar the bartender is drinking orange juice when she asks him where hes from and its almost empty but then she walks around the bar and when she takes another sip its already half full when you didnt see her fill it. my point is there is little things like that in every movie and most of them are due to cuts in the scene and reshooting something or any case for that matter.

  • David Buckley

    Tinted glasses were worn during the civil war and date back to George Washington owning a pair himself. It wasn’t the most common item, they cost a lot, and it was thought that they helped those with weak eyes or those with syphillis.
    They weren’t everyday items, but they certainly existed and one can shop for a 150 year old pair of tinted glasses quite easily.

    • Dorkus Americanus

      Yeah, I’m sure Tarantino was thinking of that when he made this shit film.

      • vreejack

        So you are claiming he was not aware that a detail he put in his film was not incorrect? Please do not neglect to point out all the other things he failed to get incorrect (despite trying very hard?)

      • Wade

        He swapped the script intentionally, foreshadowing a reversal to the parallel course of Jackson’s and Travolta’s characters.

  • Chuckles

    In Back To The Future I, when Marty pays a visit to George in the middle of the night as Darth Vadar from Krypton…watch the hair dryer in the belt of his yellow suit as it appears and reappears with each changing shot as he’s talking to George.

    • MileyVirus

      My favorite blooper in Back to the Future was the mysterious VCR appearing in the 1950’s; notice when Marty, in the professor’s garage, plays the professor’s VHS tape in the console….duh. He didn’t take the VHS player with him into the past/future

      • AJ75

        He plays it in the camera which he connects to the television. He DID jump into the car with the camera.

        • AM61

          and how did he connect it to the tv? they didn’t have those kind of connections back then.. all they had were two screws/connections for the spade forks on rabbit ears

          • TerryC

            Really? The man invents a time machine and you don’t think he can connect an RCA plug (which were invented in the 1950s and used in audio hi-fi) to a set of spade forks?

          • vreejack

            This would accomplish nothing. The spade forks are for a broadcast TV signal (at radio frequencies) from the antenna. What you called an “RCA audio” connection is actually a video connection at a much lower frequency range than a TV signal. There might be a way to bypass the video decoder circuits in the TV and inject the video directly but it would require cracking the TV open and rewiring the circuit boards.

          • Michael Hulslander

            :what’s your expertise in, dentistry” (paraphrased from Star Trek IV, Voyage Home) When we got our first beta machine (yes I said beta) we connected to the antenna connections as there were no other places to connect to an older tv., they were not built with ten different audio/video connections or direct cable connections, not even exterior sound connections, just an antenna. And they worked perfectly fine. I think Doc could have easily made any modifications needed, After all, a couple of days later he made a time circuit with post Korea tubes, diodes and capacitors

          • vreejack

            I used to have a bucket full of old video cameras, and none of them had an RF modulator built in. But if you say yours did, then fine, it does nothing to contradict what I was saying in correcting TerryC. Oh, and my expertise is electrical engineering.

  • Ryan

    Also they used a repeating rifle that wasn’t even invented until 1883 in Djengo.

  • robertmccabe

    In the Godfather Sonny throws a punch at Carlo on his street and misses by a mile while Carlo pretends to be hit.

  • dano2112a

    In the Movie Independence day when the B2 launches a missile at the space ship, it turns one way on the screen and turns the other way on the Radar. Also, at the beginning of the showm they show a RADAR plot of the mother space ship in orbit. All around it you see Stars. A physical impossibility.

    • vreejack

      That was hilarious. As I explained it to my friend, imagine trying to see dim stars better by shining a flashlight on them. If only astronomers had thought of this!

  • fibro-fog

    OK, it’s a TV movie but in several scenes from the mini-series Lonesome Dove the grey horse tamed and ridden by Call is referred to several times as a mare, but side shots of the horse reveal it is very definitely a male!

    • Tits McGee

      Well in the book it is a mare and they called her the hell bitch which I think they only say once in the movie

    • Willtalk

      The male horse is transgender and wants to be recognized as a female horse. They had to use him for the part or they would have violated Hollywoods PC code.

  • Someone8me

    Who the fuck cares??!! It’s a awesome movie.

  • Randy

    I can’t believe the semi crash scene in Terminator wasn’t mentioned. Watch the windshield as it crashes over the viaduct.

  • Dorkus Americanus

    The use of modern crap and hip-hop in oldey timey movies, photos, vintage wear, can partially be blamed on the steampunk movement. The idea seems to be based on H. G. Wells and Jules Verne time machine related fiction. So, since you’re playing with time, all gets are off when it comes to mixing up Victoian era or Wild West era clothing with modern sunglasses, music, technology, etc. I’m sure a dork like Quintin Tarantino, however, doesn’t really look too deeply into where he’s getting his ideas. He just goes with what he sees others doing and thinks its cool, learns a few key words to justify his crap movies, and runs with it. And then lots of potentially great movies get ruined by Jay-Z soundtracks and current slang.

    • ajmrowland .

      This doesn’t happen *that* often in movies though, and can sometimes actually be good to the right pair or ears. I love classic music styles and modern styles equally myself, and I personally found Jay Zs underscore and lyrics for the Great Gatsby, while understandably jarring, thematically relevant to the story and the intended feeling of the era depicted in the book.

      And besides, it wasn’t the music that wasted the potential for that film.

    • DORKUS: You seem to be aptly named…

    • DORKUS: Whaaa? “mixing” eras,etc.? Do you realize what you said? How can ANYONE (including you) see into pasts eras? It’s called MOVIES. That is, make-believe. Unless you really believe in time machines. Jeeze.

  • Sean

    Just saying, it takes at least thirty seconds to asphyxiate in space. Though your blood starts to boil before that.

    • Tits McGee

      Youre blood doesnt boil you die from lack of Oxygen and freezing temps.

      • AJ75

        And the fact that in a vacuum, you’d effectively explode (see Event Horizon scene). But yeah, freezing, not boiling. That’s just ridiculous.

        • Jon Gibson

          LOL, you guys are hilarious. Liquids boil at lower temperatures under lower pressure… since there’s no pressure in space, water (blood) would boil at a much lower temperature. In vacuum, you would sooner die from asphyxiation than anything else.

          • norm

            you seem to argue that the blood would boil, but then say asphyxiation would occur first?

            In any event death would NOT be instantaneous, it would take SEVERAL minutes to die in space – freezing would occur last, as heat loss is slowed with no atmosphere – convection loss is faster that radiative loss. Asphyxiation is death from lack of oxygen, and takes *at a minimum* 4 minutes and up to as long as 30 minutes or more if the body is hypothermic. While the blood does not ‘boil’ in the conventional sense, when pressure is lowered suddenly nitrogen bubbles occur in the bloodstream – the bends – its extremely painful and can cause death if not treated by placing the person under high pressure immediately.

            And if they were in daylight they would experience extreme sunburn as well – second degree burns within a few minutes.

          • What about the incredible difference between space and inside the body? Again, see above.

          • Nope. See above.

      • Actually, wouldn’t you explode before any thing else could happen?

  • Iron Dan

    You missed the biggest one of all: Citizen Kane. His last word is “rosebud”, and the entire movie revolved around discovering the meaning, but when he died, HE WAS ALONE! Nobody heard him, so how did they know what he said? Oscar given, movie with biggest plot hole ever!

    • FrankPoole61

      The nurse just outside the room heard it.

      • Simon9

        Well, no, the massive door to the room is clearly shut behind her. Welles realized this issue later and added the bit about the butler claiming he was there so someone could have theoretically heard it. But it sure looks like Kane was alone.

    • Todd Jensen

      How is that a plot hole?

    • Jeebus_Say

      It was a narrated story hence a retelling as in a work of fiction! Did you even consider that you would be trying to out think the great Orson Welles? Shame on you for thinking at all!

      • Michael Hulslander

        or not thinking at all!

    • Chris Miller

      The butler Raymond states that he was in the room with him when he said it.

    • That’s why they’re called MOVIES!

    • timhillman

      If a Kane whispers in a room does it make a sound? Jeez. So much for any monologue in the history of the universe.

    • billrich2

      Marion Davies heard it…but she already knew what it was =)

  • dweiss3

    As an antiques person I enjoy looking for anachronisms in the set designs.
    A famous one is the ball shade kerosene lamp that has come to be known as a GWTW lamp in auction advertising and antiques lingo. The letters mean Gone with the wind. The lamp could be seen in numerous scenes smack in the middle of dining room table.
    The problem is that that lamp was not yet invented at the time of the Civil War.
    That is one of the biggest errors in movie and tv sets. The first oil well was not even drilled until 1859 and it’s not like they built a refinery the next day and started producing and marketing kerosene immediately. “The kerosene age was rather brief and did not really get cooking (forgive the pun) until quite late in the 19th century.

    • sesquipedalian101

      As pertains to the particular shape, you are no doubt correct; however,
      oil-burning “hurricane” lamps (lamps with glass chimney) were invented
      in 1780. Olive oil, fish oil, whale oil, beeswax, and “coal oil”
      (kerosene distilled from “cannel coal”) all predate kerosene from crude
      oil; all were used to fuel “oil” lamps.

      • Sheila Moore

        He just says the LAMP wasn’t invented yet. Why go on about the oil?

        • EricL

          Maybe because dweiss3 brought up oil production also?

        • Hey – ya gatta go with what you got.

    • Michael Hulslander

      I’m not a religious person but even I know that oil lamps are mentioned in the OLD TESTAMENT of the bible which make the use of oil in lamps over 2000 years old.

    • Yeah, but you don’t mention what film….?

  • dankbubba

    Django was a total mess. The biggest mistakes were Django not being shot instantly after he shot/killed a white guy on Don Johnson’s plantation, and various “slaves” strolling around in pairs on a plantation at their leisure and not off working. I can live with sunglasses and any number of things before I’ll put up with the above and that whole blood filled water balloon gun battle.

  • Bobby

    Here’s two more: In Gladiator in the main battle( battle of Carthage)before Russel Crowes character tells everyone that he’s Maximus, his friend who only knew him as spaniard, throws a sword to him & calls him Maximus!
    In the movie A-Team, they break Murdock out of the hospital where they shoot out the front drivers tire, then pan to the next scene & the opposite tire is now blown out instead!

  • Katie Carroll

    Wrong wrong wrong. I am a civil War reenactor and have a nice pair of antique tinted glasses that date to the 1860s.

  • Mike S

    Do not the actors know the difference between what they wore or ate from scene to scene? For people who are reputed to “be” a character, shouldn’t they also remember what they did, how they did it, what they wore while doing it, and what they ate while doing it?

    • mercruth

      When films go to editing any scene can change. And they don’t always film in sequence so Actor may not know that one scene is before, after or flashback in editing final. Must be hella confusing for actors though so they probably just do what director says and stay in the moment.

      • MERCRUTH: Hoorah! You’ve got that exactly right! Kudos!

        (I know because I’ve worked on Movie sets for 40 years.)

    • MIKE S: Absolutely not! that’s definitely not their job, Pal. Staying in character during noisy scene changes is very hard for many actors. CONTINUITY IS THE SOLE RESPONSIBILITY OF OTHER PEOPLE. That’s what they’re paid for. Visit a movie set sometime.

  • JazzieKatt

    In a walk to remember mandy moore had on two different color shoes when she ran out of the school

  • crismahn

    Notice also that most of these continuity errors are to found in modern movies where retakes of even the smallest, untaxing scene are the rule due to the inability of today’s actors and actresses to act their way thru an entire scene without hosing it up and because directors like Tarantino have no overall plan for what they want to do with a scene. They’re just making it up as they go along.

    • Hellbent

      Or the actors are drunk.

    • AJ75

      Tarantino styles his films after 70’s grindhouse and exploitation films. Anachronism is not only often incorrect, but intentional.

    • CRISMAHN: …and you made your movies where? …and your reviews appeared in what media? Are there any more people you hate? Come on, don’t be shy…let it all out.

  • Steve Ausdahl

    On the Superman one, NASA has actually stated that people can survive for up to a minute (approx, sometimes more or a little less) when completely unprotected and exposed to the environment of space. She would not have died instantly.

  • Juvenal451

    In the Valachi Papers, Charles Bronson as the young Joe Is the driver for Al Capone. He is driving a big old-fashioned car at night. If you look closely, a Volkswagen passed them… .

  • ajmrowland .

    To be clear on one thing, the Aladdin error is still on the 2004 Platinum DVD. The new Blu-ray is taken out of that line, which is now Diamond. So now, it’s hard to tell when Aladdin will be rereleased.

    In Harry Potter, it’s easy to see blue screen reflected in the glasses and a crew member shows up in the Great Hall.

  • app_farmer

    The Jurassic Park “error” isn’t one at all. At the time, even the T-Rex’s fence was offline. The Rex plainly tested the fence and got out.

    • mbmarquis69

      Did you read the article? The error pointed out by the writer has nothing to do with whether or not the fence was electrified. It’s about the ground being solid and high enough for the T-Rex to step out of her paddock when she chomped through the fence. Yet minutes later, she pushes one of the cars over the wall (in the very same hole in the fence she bit through) and the ground on the other side is suddenly dozens of feet lower. The car falls into the top of tree. Love the movie, but that’s a pretty glaring continuity error.

  • Bob

    Was I imagining this or in GRAVITY, Bullock is working on trying to remove the parachute. While she is dressed in light spacesuit and has a helmet she has no visible means of getting oxygen. There appears to be no oxygen tank nor is she wearing the typical space walk backpack?

    • mbmarquis69

      There is an “umbilical” hose connecting her suit to the Soyuz. Presumably this is her oxygen supply.

  • jaj

    One that blows the entire plot of the movie is ‘Brewster’s Millions’ with Richard Pryor. He has to spend $30million in 30 days and have NO ASSETS remaining, but the way he gets rid of his last dollars is to give it to his girlfriend/lawyer as prepaid legal expenses (he did some things that will be getting him in trouble). A prepaid expense is an asset. Probably only accountants catch it, but it changes the whole movie, he shouldn’t have won his inheritance.

    • norm

      I think it was meant to be a retainer rather than ‘prepaid legal expense’ – but one could argue that the legal services the retainer purchase are an asset.

  • Eric Bryce

    In the last outdoor scene at 12 Oaks in GONE WITH THE WIND, Ashley Wilkes and Melany Hamilton are shown in profile and in close up. Between their faces, far in the distance, cars can be seen speeding along a road much faster than any vehicle would have traveled in that era.

  • Tom Mole

    Ok, here are two of my favorite flubs from the classic movie Tombstone. The first is in the scene in the salon where Doc Holliday is playing poker with Ike Clanton and the McLaurys. Doc makes fun of Ike who stands up to fight upsetting the table causing a liquor bottle to topple. As the bottle rolls off the table one of the McLaury brothers conveniently catches the prop!
    The next one occurs in the scene when Morgan Earp dies. A completely distraught Wyatt runs from the salon into the pouring rain stopping in the intersection. As the camera circles Kurt Russell you can see down each of the streets. While torrential rain soaks the ground in the intersection, the streets in the background are bone dry! Weird weather, even for Arizona.

    • AJ75

      Why would catching the bottle be a flub? I’d save the whiskey too.

    • Rick Minor

      Tom, Good post. But I believe that the word is ‘Saloon’, not, ‘Salon’. Otherwise, thanks for the info.

    • norm

      How is the first thing a flub? It may have been unplanned, but the natural inclination is for a person to catch something that falls, so its actually the correct action for him to do so.

  • Tom Mole

    Oh yeah, I just remembered another Tombstone classic. During the shootout a the OK Corral Doc Holliday is armed with a double barreled shotgun. As the shooting starts he fires the first round dropping Billy Clanton. As he takes aim at one of the McLaury boys Doc finds a horse in the way. Doc fires a round in the air to frighten the horse into moving, then he fires his “third” and final round at McLaury. Wait, what? “Third” round… from a double barrelled shotgun? How is that possible?

  • Proud_to_be_American

    In “Major Payne” when at dinner in a restaurant, The major “impresses?” his date with his rapid eating skills, followed by alternating camera angles of the pair sitting opposite of each other, where the Major’s plate “Magically” goes from being full to empty to full to empty to full to empty…

  • Rich

    In the 1951 version of A Christmas Carol, there is a glaring error when Scrooge wakes up all excited on Christmas morning and looks in the mirror. There is a guy sitting there in the lower left corner of the mirror. The error is so bad, that when Scrooge looks in the mirror again, the guy is still there!

  • TosserinTexas

    George of the Jungle, with Brendan Fraser, has a blooper at the beginning, when the airplane carrying the cameras to film the sweeping introduction and credits, a group of technicians are plainly visible with cameras and lights, waving their hats to the airplane flying over them….
    In the original Dracula, Bela Lugosi creeps up to his latest sleeping victim and light deflectors are seen, pinned to the bedside table lampshade. Maybe the young lady ,
    had made out her shopping list and pinned it to her lampshade as a reminder, we’ll never know.

  • Mak

    Another mistake in this movie was in the final fight. Will all those grenade kills, you can clearly see the spring boards that they jump off from.

  • Steveo

    The fight at the end of Goldfinger, there’s only SUPPOSED to be 3 people on the plane- Goldfinger, Pussy Galore and Bond. When GF opens the curtain to reveal himself there’s clearly another man in the co-pilot seat. Where does he go after the big fight?? Pretty sure this was a cameraman or whoever but it’s a flub nonetheless.

  • DefendConstitution

    I think the biggest one is in From Russia With Love. James Bond and the beautiful girl are escaping in a flat bed with the back filled with flowers. The bad guys are in a helicopter shooting at and dropping hand grenades on Bond and the girl. The explosion at the left front of the truck blackens the entire front and forces Bond to stop, assemble his rifle and climb a nearby hill and shoot down the helicopter. He returns to the bright, clean, undamaged truck, kisses the girl and they drive away. I still enjoyed the movie.

  • Roderick T. long

    “sunglasses weren’t introduced in the United States until 1929” — Not true, they were offered to visitors to the Chicago World’s Fair in 1893.

  • just stopping by

    Even though its not a mistake but rather intentional, in Aladdin on the original VHS, at the part where he is on her balcony before the carpet ride, turn up your volume and listen carefully he says “take off your clothes”. I want to say it’s the part when Raja charges him at the beginning of the scene. I’m sure a lot of you have heard about this, it was just a trip hearing it for myself.

  • AndrewX

    (Posted in another identical forum)

    Three big unmentioned ones —

    Gladiator – Just after the moment early on when Commmodus is practicing his swordplay as Maximus grabs a horse’s bridle, directly under the horses neck, spang in the middle of the shot, is a guy in blue jeans wearing a headset. Once you see it, you can’t miss it.

    Mission Impossible II – Again early on, as Ethan wears the sunglasses that contain the mission orders, in the reflected glasses you can see, clear as a bell, the the camera, with it’s big square lens frame and an operator sitting behind it.

    Titanic – As Thomas Andrews confronts the end in the sitting room, and adjusts the clock as his final act as shipbuilder, a cocktail glass slides off the mantle before him as the ship tips. Look at Andrews clothing, and you can clearly see the string (fishing line?) attached to the glass that is pulling it down. Another can’t miss once you notice it.

    (That Gladiator one floors me, because all such discussions as this mention the gas canister in the coliseum, but none seem to mention this one – but this crew error is stunning and unavoidable once you see it, and I cannot believe it made it to the final.)

  • stillaPatriot

    In Twister, about midway through, there is an aerial shot of the chasers going down a highway that is supposed to be in Oklahoma. They pass a rural highway sign, and if you look really close, you can see the outline of the state of Texas. All rural highway signs in Texas have the state highway number in the middle of the state’s outline.

  • Robert ANderson

    13. The writer doesn’t know that “the actress” is the very talented Amanda Plummer?

  • Jeffrey Prillwitz

    Don’t forget the ad sign that fell off of the bus in Speed and then was replaced. Then there was the HALO jump in a James Bond movie, forget which one. This was supposed to have taken place at a super high altitude and Bond needed a pressure suit. As they were getting ready for the jump all of the other actors stood around, one in a Hawaiian shirt in the rear of cargo plane with an open rear ramp. They would have all died instantly. Only Bond has oxygen and a pressure suit. Of course the plane was a C-123 and it never could have reached half the altitude that was claimed in the movie. And on subject of planes don’t forget Dr. Strangelove where an 8 engine jet B-52 with swept wings casts a shadow on the ground of a 4 engine propeller driven WW2 B-17.

  • John Bball

    The famous chase scene in Bullitt has the same cars being passed multiple times….but the best is the number of hubcaps the Charger loses. Those lost, plus those still on the car are more than 4.

  • Ray DiNitto

    Even the greatest TV show of all time has an error: Breaking Bad! Walt absorbs habits/mannerisms from everyone he kills…cutting the crust off his sandwich, drink on the rocks, AND putting the towel on the floor when he gets sick (from Gus). Only problem? NOBODY saw Gus put the towel on the floor when he got sick, Gus was alone…how would Walt know that? He wouldn’t…

  • Christopher R

    Other than being a bad movie overall, there is nothing actually wrong with the Superman scene. The way its presented isn’t actually all that inaccurate. The character would not “instantly asphyxiate and freeze to death”. That is a myth that has no basis in reality. Space can’t really be classified as “cold” because its very, very empty… hence the “vacuum of space” part. Vacuums don’t carry a temperature. You get cold because there is stuff around you (air) to absorb your body heat and carry it off. Contrary to the myth, the “cold” vacuum of space is actually an exceptional insulator because there is absolutely no place for your body heat to go. While you would eventually get colder by thermal radiation, it is very, very slow… like, beyond life expectancy slow.

    As far as asphyxiating…. sure you would… eventually. It wouldn’t be instantaneous. You’d stay alive and conscious for a few minutes… at least long enough for Superman to pick you up and get you back to where there is air.

  • pusherhombre

    I have never liked The Matrix. It is just a story that does not appeal to me.

  • Jon Goff

    Speaking of errors, I think you mean “gas canister,” not glass canister.

  • DanD

    Minor nitpick on #5. Canon says by the time of the original trilogoy, the storm trooper corps was open to, and mostly or completely populated by non-clones.

  • Danny Branson

    Here’s a cool one…..THE PARTY..Peter Sellers…It isn’t really a glitch,but, they portray a screw-up in a film,which they’re filming. Gunga-Din with a wristwatch on..

  • CTed

    Dust in the background of LOTR is not a mistake unless you see the car. Why redo the scene if it’s just dust that could be kicked up by a plow or a horse? That’s not really an editing mistake.

  • pharb

    In “A Summer Place,” Sandra Dee is dressing for dinner when she realizes her mother has been reading her diary. Her dress is unzipped when she dives under the bed to retrieve the diary. When she stands up, the dress is zipped.

  • John Morton

    The Pulp Fiction flub with the coffee shop lines is acknowledged in the DVD features. It’s said to be intentional. Probably not the case with the dot on Mia’s chest.

  • Charlie Dow

    None of these movies have anything to do with reality – therefore continuity is irrelevant

  • John

    The Superman one isn’t a mistake. You wouldn’t instantly asphyxiate in space. You would survive as long as you could hold your breath. You wouldn’t just die. Also, you wouldn’t instantly freeze either. Space is absolute zero, but it’s also a vacuum. heat transfer requires air to conduct the heat transfer, so it would take a while for them to actually freeze.

    • norm

      Space is NOT absolute zero. Its not a perfect vacuum for one thing, and the sun heats things up pretty well, with no atmosphere to block anything out, you get the full spectrum. So while the interstellar gas is pretty cold at around 10 degrees kelvin, anything exposed to sunlight in space actually gets pretty toasty. There’s actually a lot of different things that could occur depending on circumstances. If they were in full sunlight, most likely the body would overheat since the only heat loss would be from radiative heat loss. How fast that would occur is pure speculation, but probably not before death from simple lack of oxygen. If the person was motionless relative to the sun, the sun side would cook while the other side would slowly freeze. If they were in earths shadow freezing would indeed occur, though rather slowly over the course of some hours. The most serious effect though is going to be the bends – nitrogen bubbles in the blood from sudden pressure reduction. Depending on the severity it can cause death in a few minutes.

  • bicyclebill

    It’s nitpicking I know, but the Boeing 707 is not/was not a jumbo jet.  The honor of being the first aircraft to get the term “jumbo jet” generally goes to the Boeing 747 — which didn’t make its first flight until 1969.


  • BobbyX

    If you’re going to talk about continuity errors, shouldn’t the pictures show the continuity errors?

    • Most movies have continuity errors. I say enjoy them. they make us false smart…

  • Actually, it would take about a minute and a half or so for her to asphyxiate, and she would boil, not freeze, because of the sudden drop in pressure around her. If she tried to hold her breath, though, her lungs would almost certainly rupture, and that would be fatal.

  • aineliamfionanora4 .

    same scene the black yells out “maximus”…but to that point nobody knew his real name. he was only known as spaniard

  • Ben Marcum

    Actually a person can survive in space for over 1.5 minutes. So contrdicting the ignorant opinions of the author of this article. Is not a continutiy error.

  • rc

    “Jurassic Park” paved the way for other special effects-laden blockbusters such as “Godzilla”, “Lord of the Rings” and “King Kong.” What? The writer must be 14 lol. King Kong had great effects for its time. lord of the rings is about 40yrs newer. I cant wait to see new Godzilla, but the old is still my fav. later all

    • norm

      Pretty sure he is referring to Peter Jackson’s King Kong, not the 1970’s abortion with Jessica Lange

  • El Pro

    And in this same movie when the convertible crashes w/ a telephone pole if you look closely the mannequin that they used in the car you could see its head fall off the body. Look closely.

  • alanthepragmatist

    In Star Wars – After blowing up the Death Star and returning to the base in celebration, Luke – upon seeing Leia – yells “Carrie!”

  • LadyAnneJT

    Sunglasses came over with the first colonists. When Marco Polo brought glasses from China, he also brought sunglasses. There is a portrait in Madrid, painted in the 1700s, of a man wearing glasses that had an extra pieces attached to the hinge, so they could be converted into sunglasses with a flip of a lens. No reason Django couldn’t have had a pair, although they were expensive.

  • LadyAnneJT

    In the grand flop “Inchon” one of the characters goes into a building in a brown military uniform, runs up the stairs in a green one, and pops out at the top of the tower in brown again.

  • Frank__Grimes

    Robin Williams was not paid minimum wage lol

    • Lucas Winsor

      Actually, he was. By his own request, no less. They ARE Wrong about the fact that he fell out with disney over payment. He had a falling out because he didn’t want people to know that he was the voice of Genie, and yet his name and his character were focused on for most of promotion. He refused to work for disney afterward until the Chairman was fired and there was a public apology, at which point he agreed to return for “Aladdin and the King of Theives”

  • kat41150

    “The necklace used in the opera scene was actually worth a staggering $250 million.” Ummm…no.

    Try $1.35 million. Where in the world do you get your ‘facts’?

  • deep3172

    Do they men “gas” canister, not glass canister?

  • Three_to_Five

    Cigarettes and cigars are huge causes of continuity errors, along with food and drinks. I’m constantly on the lookout for these in TV shows (usually they are much more prevalent due to the quick filming schedule).

  • handgunnar

    “I can guarantee you this: he had nothing to do with stormtroopers hitting their heads.”
    I think it’s obvious that he had a LOT to do with his IRS stormtroopers cracking Americans’ heads, though.

  • michael

    We did NOT miss the storm trooper bashing his head on the door. I’ve pointed it out to many people who usually say, “how did I miss that?”

  • Sheila Moore

    One of the best “plot holes” as you call it was pointed out in The Big Bang Theory about Raiders of the Lost Ark – it wouldn’t matter if the Harrison Ford character ever showed up. The Nazi’s still would have found the Ark, it still would have exploded…

  • binny22

    In “Die Hard” Bruce Willis is supposedly in New York talking on a pay phone with his wife, but the pay phone clearly says “Pacific Bell”, a west coast phone company.

  • Eddy

    So many obvious errors in other movies. “Vanishing Point” was based around a White Challenger. The car that hit the Bulldozers was a White Camaro.

    The Airport Movies used Boeing 707’s. The Cockpit in, at least, one of the Movies was that of a Boeing 727.

  • It would be nice if, rather than simply describing these errors, you posted images of them.

  • Steev U

    In Bambi a baby animal disappears while being licked by its mother. Right after the fire scene.

  • Tommy Tutone

    One of the biggest continuity errors in movie history, in my book, was in Jaws. After Richard Dreyfuss’s character discovers the body in the boat under water, the very next scene shows the town mayor arguing with Dreyfuss and the Roy Scheider character. In this scene, they talk about two dead bodies at that point–yet there were actually three dead people that were known. Dreyfuss mentions that he found a shark tooth by the boat, but he never mentions the body he found. This is a gaping hole in the plot. I understand the reason for this error is that the original scene filmed did not have a body at all, but just a shark tooth. Steven Speilberg, however, felt the scene needed to be juiced up a little and it was re-shot after all other production was completed. When it was redone, a dead body was added–where the head pops out at Dreyfuss from the boat. It was too late, however, to re-shoot the other scenes, so the body count was wrong and there was no subsequent mention of the dead man found in the boat.

  • E.A. Blair

    In Star Wars: A New Hope: During the light saber duel between Obi-Wan and Darth Vader, Obi-Wan’s weapon briefly is seen end-on, pointing directly at the camera. At this point, the bright laser animation fails for a moment, and the metal rod used to guide the animators is visible. The videocassette and early DVD issues of the movie failed to correct this error, and even the first remastered release still had it.

    Superman IV: Even in a hard vacuum, a person would not immediately asphyxiate. Estimates are that a person could survive for about thirty seconds before experiencing circulatory failure and could recover if with proper assistance and medical attention even after as long as 90 seconds. It also takes more than a few seconds to freeze a human being. The scene in 2001 in which Dave Bowman re-enters the Discovery after HAL locks him out is a more accurate representation of brief human exposure to vacuum.

    Maybe the reason Superman IV was a flop is because Reeves co-wrote the story.

  • StPete

    fyi friends, the writer here means “GAS CANISTERS” NOT “GLASS CANISTERS.”

  • mike c

    What about grease, during the grease lightning song you cleary see burger king in the upper left corner, burger king didnt even come around for another 15 years

  • Skyhawk95

    You are probably talking about smoke-colored quartz used by Chinese (and possibly Asian traders) which had nothing to do with shading one’s eyes from the sun. The purpose was to prevent reading of eye movement and pupil dilation during negotiations.

  • Aleric

    Most of the weapons used in Django were not accurate, many were not available till after the war and the ones that were would never be as reliable as they were. Black power, which is what was used until smokeless powder was invented in 1890, was prone to not igniting in wet or even damp weather. Not to mention the amount of misfires that always occur with cap and ball pistols but yet not a single one was seen in the movie. Then add in that rifled bullets were not used until after the civil war and long distance weapons were not as accurate until then.

    • Matthew Huntington

      Hmmm? Spencer rifles were around then. They used rifled bullets. A number of the rifled muskets had an amazing range.

  • GrapeApe

    Totally love all the Harry Potter movies but am so confused as to why Hagrids house starts on the grounds right outside the Hogwarts of the school but by the end if the series it is like several hundred yards out in BFE?? Too funny!!

  • Jolly Roger

    “Samuel L. Jackson even came forward to defend the directors choice of language claiming it accurately represented what would have transpired during that period.” Yes, because Jackson is an acknowledged historical expert in his own mind.

  • Sparky Malarky

    How about the scene in Troy where some guy is dragging around a llama is through the city streets!!!

  • avlisk

    Arlington Road’s car chase with 2 different red cars. Very confusing until you realize it’s supposed to be the same car. But still, a great movie and it has The Dude!

  • disqus_M7byfgKxre

    wife beater ? you couldn’t use muscle shirt ?

  • [email protected]

    Sorry but in original Star Wars, the stormtroopers are not clones any longer, the Emperial military now consists of regular people, not clones. The clones were either destroyed or exiled.

  • John Q

    The original Star Wars was not renamed A New Hope after the prequels came out, but after Episode 5 was announced. Long before the prequels

  • bill c

    Lucas also swapped 5% ownership of the film with Spielberg for 5% ownership of Close Encounters of the Third Kind. As of today, I read that Spielberg has received over $50 million in royalties due to it. Needless to say, I don’t think Lucus fared as well.

  • S Updegraff

    A baby animal disappears while the mother is licking it in Bambi. It’s the scene right after the fire.

  • don Roberto

    #10 is wrong. You do not die instantly when exposed to vacuum, nor would you freeze instantly. Yes, you’ll likely suffer some frostbite and perhaps some damage to small blood vessels, but a few seconds of vacuum won’t kill you.

  • Michael Smith

    #4 Django’s Shades. Oops: Glasses with amber or brown tint were COMMONLY prescribed in the U.S. in the 1800’s.