15 Most Badass Female Movie Characters Of Modern Cinema


Ever since the film noir period, female characters have been growing and evolving, especially from the sociological point of view, which made an enormous impact on gender perception of modern society.

Some might say that Hollywood still has some misogynistic views, however, over the last 30 years, we have been introduced to some truly incredible female movie characters and heroines.

Whether they catch serial killers, hunt aliens, uncover deep conspiracies or simply seek vengeance, each of these badass stoic women have steel-like willpower and simply refuse to be shackled by feminine stereotypes.

Find out if your favorite heroine made our list and beware of some minor spoilers.

1. Sarah Connor (Terminator 2: Judgment Day)

Played by the awesome Linda Hamilton, Sarah Connor is definitely the most badass mom of our generation.

However, Sarah didn’t become the greatest mom ever due to her ability to hold down a good job and put food on the table while taking care of her children, no sir. She only managed to save all of mankind.

In “Terminator 2: Judgment Day,” Sarah becomes an epitome of human resistance, fights evil robotic hordes, stops the upcoming apocalypse, as well as raises her son John.

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Linda Hamilton had to undergo a seriously brutal fitness program which lasted for 13 weeks, in order to prepare for this legendary role. She also did a lot of judo and some heavy-duty military training.

It was definitely worth it.